Monday, May 25, 2009

The Unpaid Debt

Today, as flags are lowered and somber music plays as political hacks from either imaginary "side" of the united, fifth-column of Authoritarianism give speeches about how much we owe the fallen for our "freedom" (You'll note very few of them use the word LIBERTY, and this omission is deliberate as it is accurate); while the TV talking heads spew all manner of patriotic-sounding jingoism about our debt to those who never came back, very few will dare to name in definitive terms the details of the unpaid debt.
What we owe our troops is a commitment that their lives will not be put in harm's way for purposes other than protecting America from a genuine threat to the lives, liberty and property of her citizens.
We owe them the assurance of a definite victory in wars to which our alleged leaders are committed to actually winning, not their misuse as pons in a set-up for future "police-actions" that we're not.
We owe them consideration as free individuals who willingly make the choice to defend us, not expendable plebes herded into a slaughter-house by government edict, or the economic expediency of a privileged few.
This debt still remains unpaid! All the GI Bills, VA hospitals and outpourings of cash from the Great White Federal Money Spigot are not an adequate substitute.
As we grieve for and remember the fallen, especially those as victims to so many un-Constitutional interventionist follies both old and new, let us resolve to hold the elected leaders accountable and watch ever more vigilantly government slight of hand in these matters.

Especially in light, and for the sakes of the families left behind!

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