Saturday, June 27, 2009

...And I'm Not Feeling That Great, Either.

Body catches up with mind and soul.
A buddy from work texted me about the King of Pop cashing in his chips last night, and that was the extent of my reaction. The Michael Jackson I appreciated and whose talent blessed my life no end checked out about the time he started to "fade"; right after the Thriller phenomenon, when he struck an iceberg and started to sink into a vast ocean of weird shit and questionable behavior called California. You kind of got the impression after the Liz-Taylor-look-alike contest started this was NOT going to end well, painlessly or in the distant future.
I will always remember a coal-black, doe-eyed little boy from Gary, Indiana with the voice of an angel; the soundtrack of the 1980s and a light that burned bright because it was only going to do so half as long. Word was, he was on the verge of mounting some type of comeback. That would have been something to see! There is an end to all things, but you kind of hope some will end with a bang, or a blaze of glory instead of a whimper. There's normally a high price people pay for becoming that successful that fast.
Everything Michael Jackson gave to us cost him all he had.

In much less important news, Bob tells Galt-in-Da-Box on excellent authority that "Perez Hilton"/Mario Lavenderia (most notorious for interfering with Miss California's shot at Miss America with his political partizanism and demands for privilege at the expense of others) got cold-cocked in Toronto recently, but intends to continue the fanaticism that merited same: This most recent revolving around his wet fantasies regarding of Black Eyed Peas. This blogger is all about the pursuit of happiness...except when it comes at the expense of that of others. We already know from Mario's big mouth that he got what was coming to him: Invade somebody else's space, pay the price. Another option is keeping your opines on your blog. Yet another, "higher road", would be sane-ing the fuck up! An avenue Queer Nation, ACT-UP and their good blogger buddy might consider taking in the future.
More details, including a great picture of the merited shiner, on the other end of the link.


Master Doh-San said...

Some people never learn. The School of Hard Knocks has a very expensive and painful curriculum.

Ted Amadeus said...
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