Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Enough To Make You Sick

No, this is not a pro/anti "gay" marriage rant.
According to Vox Popoli and Drudge, ABC is going lapdog to help Obuma sell SocMed. It's not like ABCNNBCBS weren't always in the big-government-fellatio business, they're just more blatant about it, since deciding health care is the crisis du jour. Anyone responsible enough to be minding their own affairs and keeping their bills paid knows there is no health care crisis, there's a freaking deadbeat and freeloader crisis: There's a wetbacks-gone-wild crisis! There's a typical egocentric Boomer doper/drunkard/sodomite-wanting-someone-else-to-foot-the-doctor-bill crisis!!! But we never hear about that, just the same old drivel about how you the working are not paying enough so the loafing, non-productive, brain-dead subculture of career welfare-looters can get bigger!
There's about to be a fascist-reich-schtaat-getting-its-ass-kicked crisis, too.

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