Friday, June 19, 2009

The "F" List

Galt-in-Da-Box ain't sayin' what the F stands for, but you should be able to figure it out:

Career politicians...
Presidential candidates who blow a lot of "hope and change" smoke up everyone's asses while running for office, then continue their predecessor's dirty work once elected...
Alleged "parents" who bring children into this world for no purpose other than meal tickets, extortion of one another, or just plain don't give a damn about them (shooting this kind of procrative leech is much too merciful and painless)...
Banks, auto makers and real estate firms on welfare...
Madison Avenue marketing engineers who dream up schemes to pimp brave new police-action, cannon-fodder, open-ended wars that produce nothing but bureaucracy and flag-draped coffins...Hey...Assholes...Leave them kids alone.
Hypocrite, backwards-collared "priests"-for-pay who bash homosexuals while creating them from the kids in their parrish...If you're unclear as to whether there's a hell don't worry, you'll find out!
Crybaby millionaire pro basketball/baseball players and billionaire rock stars, especially one in particular sniveling about his childhood - Five dollar fine for whining, motherfuckers...Strictly enforced and doubling with every violation.
Senators who've bull-shined their way into 24-year+ stays in "the mistake on the Potomac"...Especially a particular congressman from Indiana who won his seat on "term limits" and hasn't left for almost a quarter-century.
All-beat-to-hell Dodge-driving Johnny-Rebs who won't let go of your rear bumper, no matter how much over the speed limit you drive in the right-lane...But only after you're done with non-assimilating migrants!
Fundamentalism, regardless of what religion it's contaminating!

...And your momma. And the horse y'all rode in on. Right up your pompous ass. Hard! And your little dog, too! With a red hot poker!!!

This list is by no means complete or all-inclusive. Submissions of viable candidates for addition may be made to'd hate to miss anyone!

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