Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Few, Brief, Introductory Remarks...

This post is dedicated to the new reader or passer-by who wishes to gain perspective of just what he's getting into.
The goal of Colonial Federation Network is to become the best Alt-Right and Pneumatikos blog on the web. Toward that end, the peanut gallery is closed, as no one has expressed an interest on the comment threads, and this is not a free speech zone anyway for anyone other than yours truly. Yes, I am an authoritarian from the perspective of the spineless, ineffectual libertarians, because the world is ruled by the aggressive use of force, and if you read the Bible, you quickly discover it’s much better for your tribe to have authority than for another to have authority over it!
THIS BLOG IS, MORE THAN ANYTHING, GALT-IN-DA-BOX'S OPINE ON ALL MANNER OF THINGS. You may agree with some of it, disagree with some or all of it and or be offended by it...We do not guarantee satisfaction to anyone, ensure 100% accuracy, guarantee that ours will always be the majority view, nor strive or wish to in any way "follow the follower/keep up with the Joneses". Thought and opinion are the results of effort to expand one's perception to encompass reality, and the only legal tender and coin of the realm here. I therefore am not absolutely certain what comes from my research, observation, utilization of common sense and expression will or won't be absolutely true, but only to the best of my knowledge and belief. Everyone, including you and I, have an opinion. You should remember therefore and foremost this information is worth exactly what you paid for it.
PSEUDAEOchristian (i.e: PAPI$T) fanatics of every screed are going to find themselves about as welcome here as a Wahhabi terrorist at a Homeland Security convention for that very reason...ditto their lefti$t political movements! Galt-in-Da-Box has traveled widely, met a broad cross-section of humanity and survived said experience with enough sanity intact to accurately discern bullshit when it is propounded. Unfortunately, thanks to gynocentric spiritualism, "Funny-mental-ism" is still with U.S. I've had enough salvation-by-WASP CULTure dogma to fill a fleet of garbage trucks. Having already probably forgotten more Bible than you probably believe or are capable of learning, don't bring the subject up. Even though he's atheist, Ted Turner called denominational religion (the "Christian" aspect of it, in particular) "for the weak-minded", which is a lot more Scripturally-accurate than the vast majority of Christen-DUMB is capable or willing to grasp. With whom did the Lord Jesus Christ have most of his arguments, and level his heaviest reproofs?
FAKE Right and “progressive” lefti$t true believers are similarly in for disappointment, for almost the same reasons.
Galt-in-Da-Box reason's thusly: If you're an ignorant, unthinking part of a mob of a hundred, a thousand or a hundred-thousand-plus robots all carping the same garp as your Imperious Leader, s/he's the only one in the whole lot doing any thinking at all, and what you haven't figured out as part of such a scam is you are aiding and abetting your own enslavement, for nothing but an emotional/egotistical cheap thrill.
If you haven't clued in to that by 30, you are in serious freaking trouble, and not likely to learn just how much til your life sails over the cliff!
We don't parse words or hold back around here. Those from the upper crust, products of sheltered existences, or the common American white-bred accustomed to never speaking above an effeminate whimper are going to have their feathers ruffled. If you disagree with something said, have the common courtesy to say so without masking your emotionalism by sniveling about the way I say it. You'll notice I'm not holding a gun to your head, forcing you to read this blog by threatening to blow it off if you do not; the internet is a big place. The American language is so wondrous, multifaceted, and rife with epithets and cuss-words, it would be a shame to endeavor communicating without trying to use each at least once.
The email address on my profile is for submissions, private communications and the like. Your contributions are appreciated and will be credited, junk-mailing list-additions, not so much, or more clearly, about as much as a turd in a punchbowl. If you add me to some sales-mail/beg-mail list or send hate screeds, I can and will report you to Blogger and the FCC.
Oh yeah, by The Way...trotting out that tired old nag about “love”/lambasting me for “hate” speech holds as much water as a cardboard box. I’ve seen and been to your (((CONverged))) “Church” and that projection is irrelevant and the end of your $creed, you’re still a thief who needs to get back to work and stop trying to steal via government.