Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Few, Brief, Introductory Remarks...

This post is dedicated to the new reader or passer-by who wishes to gain perspective of just what he's getting into.
THIS BLOG IS, MORE THAN ANYTHING, GALT-IN-DA-BOX'S OPINE ON ALL MANNER OF THINGS. You may agree with some of it, disagree with some or all of it &/ be offended by it. We do not guarantee satisfaction to anyone, ensure 100% accuracy, guarantee that ours will always be the majority view, nor strive or wish to in any way "follow the follower/keep up with the Joneses". Thought and opinion are the results of effort to expand one's perception to encompass reality, and the only legal tender and coin of the realm here. I therefore am not absolutely certain what comes from my research, observation, utilization of common sense and expression will or won't be absolutely true, but only to the best of my knowledge and belief. Everyone, including you and I, have an opinion. You should remember therefore and foremost this information is worth exactly what you paid for it.
Religious/political fanatics of every screed are going to find themselves about as welcomed as a Wahhabi terrorist at a Homeland Security convention for that very reason. Galt-in-Da-Box has traveled widely, met a broad cross-section of humanity and survived said experience with enough sanity intact to accurately discern bullshit when it is propounded. Unfortunately, "Funny-mental-ism" is still with U.S. I've had enough salvation-by-WASP CULTure dogma to fill a tractor-trailer truck with overstuffed fertilizer bags. Having already probably forgotten more Bible than you probably believe or are capable of learning, don't bring the subject up. Even though he's atheist, Ted Turner called denominational religion (the "Christian" aspect of it, in particular) "for the weak-minded", which is a lot more Scripturally-accurate than the vast majority of Christen-DUMB are capable or willing to grasp. With whom did the Lord Jesus Christ have most of his arguments, and level his heaviest reproofs? Give you a hint: It WASN'T homosexuals, working women, politicians (unfortunately) or most the other folk on your "Hate" list. Right and left-wing true believers are similarly in for disappointment, for almost the same reasons. Collectivist drones who merely spout the bilge they are spoon-fed are very fortunate to get any audience at all here. Galt-in-Da-Box reason's thusly: If you're an ignorant, unthinking part of a mob of a hundred, a thousand or a hundred-thousand-plus robots all carping the same garp as your Imperious Leader, s/he's the only one in the whole lot doing any thinking at all, and what you haven't figured out as part of such a scam is you are aiding and abetting your own enslavement, for nothing but an emotional cheap thrill. That's all they got, peeps!
If you haven't clued in to that by 30, you are in serious freaking trouble, and not likely to learn just how much til your life sails over the cliff!
Your comments are welcomed, but not necessary. This blog is - at the bottom line - about what's important to me, not you. If you can live with that, comment away. The comment thread exists so you may post your views on the subject matter. If you stray from the topic, bash the administrator, dump on other commenter(s) or use the threads for advocacy rants, hawking junk or pimping your tricks, your dreck comment will be deleted. The First Amendment guarantees the government can't punish you for what you say. It does not guarantee consequences will not arise from elsewhere! DO NOT take this as meaning the threads are a municipal dump where you may mentally relieve yourself: If you abuse the privilege, it will be revoked - and it IS - BTW - a privilege, not a right!
Your primary responsibility as a commenter is to actually have a take well-reasoned on the subject or bare minimum, to NOT suck. If your comment sucks - in or outside the parameters of the aforementioned - it will "get wiped off and flushed away". If it REALLY sucks, I will dedicate an entire post to telling everyone how it sucks in minute detail (This is not a goal to which you should aspire)! Stay on topic. Keep your disagreements well supported and reasoned, and free of ad hominem attacks.
Acceptable comment deviations: If you are new to the blogosphere and we're on the same wavelength - or not - you may invite the folks here over for the grand opening. You may NOT push stocks, pimp weight-loss/hair restoration/other MLM scams.
We don't parse words or hold back around here. Those from the upper crust, products of sheltered existences, or the common American white-bred accustomed to never speaking above an effeminate whimper are going to have their feathers ruffled. If you disagree with something I've said, have the common courtesy to say so without masking your emotionalism by sniveling about the way I say it. You'll notice I'm not holding a gun to your head, forcing you to read this blog by threatening to blow it off if you do not; the internet is a big place. The American language is so wondrous, multifaceted, and rife with epithets and cuss-words, it would be a shame to endeavor communicating without trying to use each at least once. In the case of the cuss-words, I can make a Marine Corps drill instructor blush so don't press your luck! Like the Yellowdog says, "if you beat around the bush, all you get is a beat-up bush."
The email address on my profile is for submissions, private communications and the like. Your contributions are appreciated and will be credited, junk-mailing list-additions, not so much, or more clearly, about as much as a turd in a punchbowl. If you add me to some sales-mail/beg-mail list or send hate screeds, I can and will report you to Blogger and the FCC.
You will notice this blogger uses euphemistic terms and colloquialisms not commonly found elsewhere. Do not sling Da Gloss unless you know Da Gloss...Some of which - in no particular order - are

"AlGump" - Al Gore
"American Karaoke" - American Idol
"BanKhazar" - the International Monetary Fund
"Borrow, Tax & Spend, Attorneys Outlaw" - Congress
"ClustIraq" - War in Iraq
"DEATHcare" - Health Care Reform
"Dubya" - George W. Bush
"DumB-O" - Barack Obama
"Dragon Lady" - Hillary Clinton
"Entitlement Community Market" - Republican Party
"Entitlement empire" - Louisiana
"Environ-MENTAL ILLNESS" - Green extremism
"Feminstaazi" - Feminists, particularly those of the loud, ugly, always-angry variety.
"Fortunate Sons" - Senators
"Fried Earth Club" - Global warming alarmists
"Gimpy McFlightsuit" - George W. Bush
"Goon squad" - Any type of authoritarian government enforcement agency (See also: Uncle Suck)
"GOPher" - Republican
"HELLiburton" - Government contractor
"ILLuhNOISE" - Illinois
"Kickbackska" - Nebraska
"KikeBancUSA" - the Federal Reserve System.
"Land Of Entitlement" - Nebraska
"Lucky Sperm Club" - Wealthy, global power-players and politicians like Rockefeller and Soros (See also UEMFs).
"Madam Medusa" - Nancy Pelosi
"Mistake on the Med" - Israel
"Mistake on the Lakes" - Chicago, IL.
"Mistake on the Potomac" - Wahsington, D.C.
"Mr. Magoo." - Newt Gingrich
"New Khazakhstan" - Israel
"Obammunism" - Politics and policies of BHO.
"pulling a Jimmy Swaggart" - adultery, especially pertaining to priests, preachers &/ politicians
"Uncle Suck" - the IRS.
"UEMFs" - Upper Echelon Mother-Fuckers - See "Lucky Sperm Club".
"HELL-A" - Los Angeles, CA
"Pond scum" - Gulf oil spill (See also: Gunk in the Trunk).
"Porkaha" - Omaha, NE
"Professional Excuse-Making Industry" - ACLU
"Reverend Pederast" - Child-molesting priest
"Reverend Hypocrite" - Self-righteousness preacher (ala Fred Phelps, L. Craig Martindale).
"Roman holiday" - war
"Shitstainistan" - Afghanistan
"Sir-Fux-A-Lot" - Bill Clinton
"Sucksico" - Mexico
"Synagogue of Satan" - WB/IMF & FedRes, collectively.
"Ten-Cent Millionaire" - Someone who never had a dime of their own/nor ever really had to work for a living; person of leisure (See also: UEMF, Lucky Sperm Club member).
"Whine-EZ-ana" - Louisiana
"Whore of Babylon" - Roman Catholicism
"Goldman-Sucks" - Generica for bankers, real-estate scammers & other bail-out profiteers.
"Gunk in the Trunk" - Gulf oil spill
"The Big Sleazy" - New Orleans
"Buzzard Flats" - Amarillo, TX
"Under-Privileged Children" - Democratic Party
"We-Sell-4-Less" - Congress
"VeldtSchtaat" - German, lit: "WorldState"; One World Government, the glittering goal of all UEMFs - with them in charge!

This list is by no means complete or all-inclusive and will be updated and revised as new issues need answered.
Basically, if you THINK before you type, our relationship will ROCK!