Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hope & Change

You know that "free" health care snake-oil government's peddling hot and heavy on TV and in the papers?
Here's the price-tag of Obama listening to HITLERy, the "change we can believe in" you won't freaking believe: 25% National Sales Tax. "Fat taxes" on fast food and soda, higher taxes on beer, wine and liquor, and anything else the Center for (junk-) Science in the Publican Interest determines to be dangerous...Is this the change you were hoping for?
Galt-in-Da-Box doubts it seriously, but it's what you're going to be dealing with, if the Kakostocrat-left faction is successful inflicting Hitlery-care upon U. S. Why? Because you can't spend what you don't have, Der Holy Mother Schtaat has already maxed out her credit card trying to wet-nurse, bottle-feed & spank the rest of the world into doing Washington's will, and it's all "for your own good". As usual, following the money trail quickly reveals who wants SocMed in America, and it's not just the moochers and looters who won't work for a living, won't quit screwing the same gender or refuse to learn the language. There are plenty of "children of privilege" who have their medical sheepskins but are totally incompetent, who have a "right to work" at your expense. Remember folks, "free" anything is usually worth what you pay for it, and quite often, less! In "private sector" business, it's how they get rid of the crap nobody wants, so they don't have to pay inventory tax and have it in their warehouses. In the public sector, it's how votes are bought: If you can shovel the siren-song of something-for-nothing skillfully enough, you can keep yourself on the government gravy train for decades, especially if you're a Senator. The politicians and the Old-Money Filthy-Rich who back them all have ne'er-do-well children who've sold their ass through college, can't actually cut it in the real world, and need government appointed space to take up so they can bring home a check and look productive, especially if their sheep-skin's to look valid. Enter SocMed, union labor and the undulating reams of mandated paperwork and indolent bureaucracy which will officiate same! After all, sweeping corpses under the rug and claiming you "don't know nuthin' about it" is work, isn't it? No, not really.
When you get your government health care insurance card in the mail, which will actually guarantee you nothing but access to a waiting list, be sure and thank Dubya and Obama for more of the same socialism that has already ruined the American economy.

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