Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reason # 1,356,289 To Home-school

We'll lay aside perversion-acceptance "sensitivity" training, political curriculums, reverse racism and overpaid babysitters (who - at least in Florida, it appears - are largely pederasts) to focus on the latest and greatest issue. You might want to keep a barf-bag handy before clicking the link. Personally, I think a little less psychoanalysis and a lot more ass-whuppin' would go a long way toward getting neanderthals like the perps under control. Government screw-ool bureaucrats - you know, the same ones that are all screaming "we didn't know nuthin' about it" whenever one of these things happens - love to pontificate long and loud about homeschooled kids not getting enough "socialization" or learning "archaic values"...
The pubic screw-ool inmates are learning more modern values, with predictable results!

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