Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Very FULL Weekend

As in stuff-your-face:
Pancake breakfast Saturday AM. Garden party that evening. Branch meeting this morning, complete with continental breakfast, capped off by a spaghetti dinner with old friends as we watched Amazing Grace for the evening's entertainment. One redeeming virtue of work is I won't want for opportunity to burn off this excess!
Also added a silver proof Minnesota quarter to my collection. Minnesota is rumored to be the rarest of the state quarters; the proofs even more so.
By the way, those of you not wanting to see a 100% tax on your utility bills might want to give your Senators a call/email/personal visit/camp on their freaking doorstep until they HAVE to see you, because "cap & trade" just sailed through the leftist House of Rep's and is on its way to the Senate, if it doesn't get pulled by committee for review...
This is your wake-up call, America!

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