Saturday, June 20, 2009

Worth A Thousand Words At Least...

...But I don't need them all.
This is a detailed picture of everything wrong with conservatism today. Every time I look at this shrike, I want to ralf up my last three meals. Dry heaves, folks...Seriously. Mouthy, disrespectful cunts who interrupt their interviewers and don't know their place in the pecking order belong - with dithering brunette ditz VeeP candidates that are "right as long as it feels good" - on the left, or better yet nowhere near the levers of power and influence at all. The larger issue is how they can never figure out why no Alpha Man will have their chain-cigar-smoking, weight-lifting, bonier-than-a-fresh-caught-mackerel ass. Ms. Coulter, if I wanted another guy, it sure wouldn't be one in drag! Can you say "Log Cabin Coalition" boys 'n' girls?
Sure you can, and in this case it's right "dead-nuts" on the money!

Hat-tip to YdG for the photo.

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