Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting Real - Today!

How I survived "the end of the world", on numerous occasions.
May 14th, 1988. January 1st, 2000. Countless dates during the 1970s when the JWs predicted it. Then of course there was Ted Danson's doomsday calendar from 1992 "We only got 10 years left, folks!!!" Well, 2002 has come and gone and the majority of us are still drawing breath. The latest greatest date set by those who can't grok "no man knoweth the day...time...nor hour; not even the Son, but the Father only", is 21DEC,2012 but it's old hat; that shit's happened already. I think too many people up there just want to, either get this whole "world" thing over with, or they've been believing their own press clippings for so long they think they can actually save it!
News flash: One guy already did that...It cost him his life and God had to raise him from the dead, but it's over. Your bit about replacing aerosol cans with spray bottles, getting rid of nukes and landmines, or only using one square of toilet paper will be laughed at derisively by the rest of us and we'll move on. It's been said the most expensive vacation you can take is an ego trip.
Then there's the other kind of "end of the world"; the person, place or thing you can't live without that dies, walks out, gets destroyed somehow, or is lost or stolen. Believe it or not, you get over it - if you're sane. That qualifier is a big one. That does not mean it is quick, or easy, but a letting-go process over time: The Bible speaks repeatedly of forty days and nights of mourning, so the implication is that it shouldn't take a lifetime. I know men who drank/doped themselves into an early grave over a deceased family member or the love of their life that turned on her heels and booked. For the rest of us, greater reality has to be faced: Places and things can always be updated and replaced with something better. All the tears and toil on Earth will not raise the dead or change a made-up mind, and life has no permanence or "pause" button: It's not going to graciously wait 10 or 15 or 20 years for us to quit whining about it and allow picking up where we left off.
Catering to the cry-in-your-beer crowd is a huge, multi-billion-dollar industry! You could probably drain the Atlantic Ocean and fill it easily with the mountains of encounter/therapy groups, tranquilizers, sedatives, Thisadol and Thatadyne that is peddled and consumed everyday allegedly to "help" folks deal with what might have been but ain't, and never will be. That's always a road to take, but it doesn't lead anywhere. Besides, beer is cheaper. Tastes better without tears & snot bubbles in it, too!
Since we're talking about getting real, let's explore the other end of this...The ego trip I mentioned earlier. The religious, political and business realms are top-heavy with birds who think the world may very well come to an end if they are not personally there to hold it all together. You can't really blame them, that's how they are raised. Momma, Daddy, Reverend Hypocrite &/ Teacher Smith have beat into their heads "DO THIS AND DO IT HOW WE MANDATE IS RIGHT, OR YOU'RE NOTHING AND NOBODY!!!" The rare and better ones sell them the ego trip ("positive") version of it. It's just as fear-based and enslaving as the other side. Moreso, I'd say because it's a bullshit story. While they're working their asses off to feed the government debt machine, and pay off the glitter they bought on time, pulling double-shifts and late night, their spouses don't know who they are and neither do their kids. It's a wonderful life on the go-to guy treadmill, and it's all uphill.
About a week ago when I was mentally digesting all this in dealing with a related situation comes a TV show about some little piece of bone archaeologists found that supposedly belonged to a woolly mammoth. The piece of bone was less than half an inch long and even less than that wide and thick. Mastodons are gigantic: You could store a couple elephants inside one and still have room for luggage (trunk?). We keep hearing about the world coming to an end, our world coming to an end, the end of Western Civilization as we know it, etc. Something else always comes in its place. That's how you and I came along.
One of these days if the Lord tarries, we'll kick the bucket. That's the only "end of the world" you have to be concerned with. Everything else is window dressing, including that "mark" you're trying to leave on it before you're done, because when they dig it up 10,000 years from now, they're not going to see it anything like you did, or wanted. It'll probably be interpreted as a tiny part of a fictional, extinct animal.
Based on just my experiences going the last year or so, the best piece of helpful information I can cross-assemble and extrapolate is as follows: YOU HAVE NOW! Forget about what terrible things could happen because elephant farts are destroying the ozone layer, or that lost opportunity to help a charity or "make a difference". From someone who put it a lot more beautifully than I ever could:

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