Friday, July 24, 2009

Obamessiah Pulpits Healing The Sick...

...By laying hands on your wallet.
Now that socialistic altruism already has U.S. trillions in debt to foreigners who hate our guts, it's refreshing to hear a new message of hope and change coming from Washington - or not. You would think the politricksters would wait til a little closer to the elections to roll out this bribe. They should have! If approved now, everyone will get to experience what it is like to have doctors as fast as the postal service and accurate as the National Weather Service, with all the compassion of the Internal Revenue Service. Let Galt-in-Da-Box enlighten you to the dirty little secret: If you control health care, you ultimately control who lives and who dies! As they gear up to ram-rod an impenetrable wall of bureaucrats and red tape between your white ass and decent medical treatment down the nation's throat, remember the lesson every other country with SocMed - including graveyards full of dead Canadian patients - have been desperately trying to get through our fat, thought-free heads for two decades now:
Access to a freaking political waiting list is not access to quality health care!

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