Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Of Bullets, And The Dodging Thereof

Was she really a Conservative, or another CON-servative glad to be "right, as long as it feels good"?
Hey, if you're too freaking "intellectually challenged" to know you are wearing the enemy's colors at your own convention, then there must be something more than water in those ten thousand Old Parr maybe, by the tanker truckload! What are the odds you'd actually have made a Veep - let alone President - any better than what you were trying to replace? Not very damn, I'd wager. While tens of Americans lament the recent departure of Sarah Palin from the political scene, I kind of hope GOPhers realize they can do much better and summon the base with Ron Paul next time, since he's truly the closest thing extant to Reagan in the current pool.
We have serious reservations as to whether modern GeOPapists are interested in individual liberty and national sovereignty, though.

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