Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One More Nut Makes Sixty

If anyone had told Galt-in-Da-Box twenty years ago that the battle for America as a Constitutional republic would be fought and lost in Minnesota, I would have told them they were so full of crap it was running out of both ears.
Nevertheless, that may very well be the case: Read it and weep, folks. It doesn't take eight goddamned months to count ballots, but engineering and executing a political scam on par with Obama's "where's the birth certificate" fraud can take at least such! SocMed, anybody? How 'bout a good, unhealthy, funny-mental-ist dose of censorship Faaaaaairness Dogma? National police force? Disarmed citizenry? Elimination of the internet? Complete white-America disenfranchisement? Massive interference in your personal, private life "for your own good" in the name of public health? It's all on the table and no way to stop it, if these freaking socialists want to ram it down our throats. If you hear air-raid sirens and see lights going out, you're not alone!
Now, I want to stop right there and address the Rush Limbilges and similar wanna-bees that are going to be frothing at the mouth, before you start pretending to give half a piece of a busted damn about something other than the empowerment of your own goons and goon squads and the padding of your pockets. Here's a question for the Sean Argue-tys, before you begin recycling and reverse engineering blogger rants for your purposes. All of you dumbasses need to take a step back from the edge of the ledge and answer me this one: Who made all this possible? Why, could it be the left-leaning "neo-con"men you were pimping and lauding to the skies for so long? Could the buck for enabling the Democrat Constitution-burying machine possibly stop at none other than the feet of your own George W. Uss (Bonus demerits for hand-crafting, gift-wrapping and handing them all the instruments of tyranny via Patriot Acts I, II and the DHS)? Didn't you enable the left with your own, compromised, "pragmatic" leftist non-leadership? Since you can't answer that with an honest forthright "NO", shut the fuck up!!! I'm not even trying to hear your lame-ass, copped-out excuses.
The fact of the matter is America, you are not in charge. You've been disenfranchised for quite some time, now. Quite possibly, since the end of the War Between The States! Largely by your own abdication of authority and acceptance of partisan bribes and government robbery!!! Just a small glimpse of reality: In 1980, we were told the largest voter turn-out in history elected Ronald Reagan. That "largest voter turnout" amounted to 20% of the population! One party empowers itself by pandering to the Old-Money, Filthy-Rich. The other gains authority by catering to the weaknesses of tiny factions of looters, losers and moochers. Those of you who work for a living, who actually produce the wealth these fringes steal, are represented NOWHERE in the demographic!!! The ones who benefit the most from a GOP reign amount to 5% of U.S. There is always a 10% abject poverty crowd the other guys placate, and then give most of their judicial and legislative activism to an alphabet soup of AARP, NOW, NEA, ACLUnatics, &c bunches of whiners and snivelers that comprise about 5% of the mouthy malcontents looking for someone else to blame and stick it to for their loserism. Those actually laboring to tend their families well and improve their lot in life don't show up on the Donk radar at all. And now, Jimmy Carter days are here again!
Without a viable third party, or a massive libertarian invasion and overthrow of the Democratic one, there is not much future left for a nation tens of trillions in debt to its enemies, dependent on foreign oil and top-heavy with politicians that are either insane with greed or slutted out to the international scene. You want a political savior, a Ronald Reagan who will ride into the middle of all this, lobbing one-liners at every Establishment liar in sight? He's not on the campaign trail. The old-boy network running both parties is genetically incapable of producing such, but all is not lost. Here's where you can be sure to find The (wo)Man Who Can Save America:
Look in the mirror!


Master Doh-San said...

Are we all really going to have to look at that Alfred E. Newman mug for the next six years?

God help Amerika.

Ted "Galt-in-Da-Box" Amadeus said...
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