Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shit Or Get, Brett!

We're closing fast on the pre-season and Mr. "I'm retiring...No, not really!" has still not given a straight (or even a gay) answer as to whether he's gonna take the Minnesota Vikings job.
I can't fight off this mind-picture of dude stepping back, looking and looking...and looking some more, and then WHAM! Becoming embedded in the field by defenders who had all the time in the world to break tackle and sack. My highschool coach used to say "You have three seconds to pick a target and lob the bomb." Every time that rule has been broken in the NFL, there's been a chase out of pocket, poorly thrown ball, or a huge loss ending in a sack. Jim Harbaugh's last days with Indianapolis were painful for more folks than him! Waiting until the last minute to find out No. 4 is sitting this one out or signing with someone else, and we're headed for another crap-shoot year would major-league suck.
We need to get to the bottom of this and soon.

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