Friday, August 28, 2009

Better Late Than Never

In a much-delayed attempt to live up to campaign promises of transparency in government, it looks like someone in Obama nation is getting on with cleaning up an un-Constitutional mess.
When an alarm goes off, you can wake up or push the snooze button. Galt-in-Da Box was far from the first to sound it: Ted Beale weighs in. Shep Smith shits his pants...On nationwide TV no less (hat-tip to dat notorious West, Texas YG for the lead on this)! We're gonna keep a sharp eye peeled and on the probe of this gestapo gas-light bullshit in the hopes that more people in higher strata on the pyramid wake up and smell the error of their ways.
Freidrich Nietzsche said "Beware lest in battling monsters thou become one thyself."