Saturday, August 1, 2009

Don't Sugar-Coat It, Mr. Nugent...

...tell U.S. what you REALLY think about the gun-grabbing Fascists:

I love that bit about child-molesters, though shooting is much more quick and merciful than they deserve. In that particular case we should bring back the ancient Middle-Eastern type of "hanging" where the perp is impaled on a tall, sharp spike...Galt-in-Da-Box shall leave to the readers' verdant imagination just in what manner such would be implemented.
We don't need "gun-free safe-zones" so foreign whack-jobs can turn places like West Virginia University into bloodbaths, we need "Politician-free liberty zones" - a big one from coast-to-coast would be nice - so God-believing men and women can keep themselves safe from Papists with political authority and financial privilege.
The only proven cure for the mental disorder of elitism is a half-ounce of lead between the eyes!


Hat-tip to Bottleman1113 for bringing this gem to our attention.

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