Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Will, Wil

My brother Noel was coming home on leave after his first year in the army.
Mom went down to the Toot 'N' Totum on 10th Ave. So. & Mirror St. there in Amarillo and rented a PortaVideo and three movies, then picked up a feast at Food King. I spent some of the first paycheck I'd gotten in a while on booze for the occasion. The first flick was 2010: The year we make contact, then Enemy Mine with Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr. The last show was the best one, Stand By Me. It resurrected an old Ben E. King song that nobody could keep off the charts for a while that year. We were climbing out of the economic black hole the Savings & Loan implosion had wrought. River Phoenix would be gone in a few years, but he absolutely shined in that film. The political downward spiral that has brought U.S. to today started that year with the election of George "read my (lying) lips" Bush. I couldn't thank you for it on your comment thread Mr. Wheaton, but I really do appreciate the memories made around that flick that night, and this shot from the film that has become a cult-classic with more than a few of us X-ers - I'll stand by you, anytime. The money-quote from Stand By Me still does: "I never had any friends as good as the ones I had when I was 12 years old...Does anyone?"
I think the answer to Richard Dreyfuss' question is an emphatic NO!

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