Saturday, August 22, 2009

If, Then Why..?

If SocMed"Single-Payer Health 'Insurance'" is suuuuuuuuuch ein vwoonderful und glooorious idea and there are no flaws in the current plan, so Congress should just pass it without reading the bill, debating the proposals or mulling it over in any way:

Why the erzats sales meetings"town halls" to pimp it to the plebescheithe?
Why the ACORN/Black Panther goon squads to violently suppress dissent of any kind?
Why has it produced more corpses than successful recoveries wherever it's been implemented in other countries?
Why are we not putting such an on-going, ever-escalating expense to a referendum, so the working-class voters who will pay the most and get the least from this new handout to gold-brickers can have an actual, practical say in the matter?
If our health care systems sucks as hard as the politricksters and other leftists keep saying, why aren't people being flown to Cuba or Venezuela for emergency, life-saving procedures instead of here?
Why can't we hear a few words from Canadian or British patients who needed long-term care or serious medical treatment about their own wonderful and glorious plans?

I'll tell you why!
Because the driving force behind SocMed is composed of Papist politicos and system bureaucrats who have all these kids that went through medical school and can't find a job or hold one when they do, for their incompetence! The only way for them to appear competent is to have union gumbas and government cronies make up space for them to take up in a "free"* clinic somewhere. Ask any veteran who has had to use the VA Hospital system how well it works.
*BTW: When you're paying 25% more for everything to foot the bill for this largely-to-wetbacks government gimme, is it still "free"?

Just some thoughts from someone who dares to think and question, instead of swallowing all the empty-headed-emotionalism coated bullshit the Clinton-Pelosi-Kennedy-Frank-Obama cadre is shoving down our throats "for our own good (IF YOU DON'T comply, you damn well better, or ELSE!!!)".

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