Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Legend Of Robbing Hood

How government helps people:

A galant figure on a gray horse, a tall, thin, athletic-looking young man rides over the hill into view in green cape and tack with money bags strapped to his saddle; freshly "secured" from all those "evil capitalist pigs" (for those of you in Miami-Dade Co. Florida, that means people who freaking work for a living). He turns his short-red-haired mug to the audience and loudly proclaims...
"I'm Robbing Hood! I take from the rich and give to the poor!"
A little old man and woman totter over an adjacent hill, wearing nothing but old oaken barrels to cover their nakedness.
"Help us!" The man shouts.
"We're poor!" The woman echoes.
"Alright..." Robbing Hood says, reaching back for a bulging sack of coin.
"Here ya go!" He tosses the heavy bag easily in a graceful arc, and beans the old man with it, killing him outright. The old woman rushes to his lifeless side.
"You fool!" She screams. "You've murdered my husband!"
"Yes," Robbing Hood admits "But just think of the lovely tombstone you'll be able to get him now!"

And if we keep demanding "Uncle Shylock" clean up the air and wipe our runny noses for us, we'll end up just like that old man.
I recently learned the Democrats want to buy my old truck, which might be worth $500 when my tools are in it and the gas tank's full, for $4500. If I take this fucking BRIBE "incredible offer", it's only good if I go in debt for a brand new $20-50K plastic piece of junk (like say, a Prius)...which I don't want, anyway. Hmmm...Giving up something you actually need to be a bond-slave for something you don't want. That's a tough call to make *ahem* but Galt-in-Da-Box is gonna pass it by. No doubt some freaking shyster up on The Hill ram-rodded this rider through, rationalizing that "everyone has a 'right' to a new car".
I want all you dumbasses that think this is such a great idea to pull your chair up close to the flat-screen/hold your Blackberry/IPhone near to face to read this a couple times: You have no right to anything you do not earn! Every time you get something you didn't earn, someone else had to earn something they didn't get! Just because you didn't pay for a "free" lunch, doesn't make it "free"! The normal, proper way assets transfer from one individual to another is by exchange of value for value. Fair trade of goods and services for same, or for legal tender (i.e: coin of the realm, not worthless fiat paper and near-worthless base-metal). A higher law would be if you love someone, and wish to give that individual of your property or funds for their benefit. The normal channels of this are friends and family. Anything "given" outside that dynamic is nothing but a damned bribe. Doesn't freaking matter how you "feel" about it, either.
By the way, the Robin Hood of the legend took back from government what it stole from the people and returned said property to its owners...Wouldn't that be something to see today!


Master Doh-San said...

"Every government interference in the economy consists of giving an unearned benefit, extorted by force, to some men at the expense of others."

Ayn Rand

Ted Amadeus said...

*Bows to the wisdom of the Master*
Thou hast said!