Friday, August 7, 2009

"Retarded Blatherings"

That's what Kevin almost always calls his blog posts.
I think the better usage of this term would be applying it to the feted screed on a business card some old geezer flipped at me the last time I was at Richard's Restaurant. Dude just hobbles by on some bizarre-looking type of crutch and this amber 2"X 1" piece of paper lands on the counter next to me. I quickly realized he was your typical living-in-fear, dispensational, "Christian" denominational religionist, as it read:
"In the days of Noah the people had turned away from GOD so HE covered the earth with water. GOD promised to never do that again. There are other ways to get the people's attention. Moving the earth farther from the sun cooled the earth so that Mount Ararat is iced and the Turks will not let anyone climb the mountain to see if the ark is still there. Now there is a warm spell as GOD has moved the earth a bit closer to the sun. A lot of people think this is a warning by GOD and was triggered by the Bible being removed from the schools.

Like much of religion's stupidity, this is incoherent at best. I can't tell if the author is accusing God of folly (as oft is their wont), commending The Lord for melting off Mt. Ararat so the ark is now visible via satellite - assuming it hasn't rotted away instead of petrifying - or some askew combination of both. Since "the one, true and only church" and most of her harlot daughters are bought off by secular government, it's not unusual to hear them propounding its prattle. This elderly disciple of the Fried Earth Church, where doubtless AlGore is pastor, has apparently not kept up with recent happenings, as median temperatures have been dropping the last five years, and it was discovered on further review that the sources many of the Fried-Earthers used for what little solid data they had to model AGW/CC from, were placed suspiciously close to non-natural heat sources (kinda' gives ya the impression there was a political axe to grind/agenda to advance...go figure)!
A good friend has a byword he uses to describe this: "Figures don't lie, but liars can figure!" You can spin the Bible, research, scientific facts and about anything else to propound whatever you want, assuming you're corrupt or intellectually dishonest enough to do so. I've heard preachers rant for hours and thump their Bibles about how homosexuality had to be the original sin, because it was the most selfish act anyone could commit - yeah right! Not to dispute the "Word of God from the man of God for our day, time, and hour", but if it was truly selfish, it wouldn't involve more people than, uh...let me do some quick math here...ONE! Sort of puts the fucks to that atheo-illogy. It's another one-verse doctrine, therefore largely unsubstantiated by the rest of Scripture. Check the 10 commandments, and there's not a word about it. Common sense should be sufficient to guide that you're not gonna reproduce that way, but as far as sin goes, it's like saying you're going to hell for picking your nose and eating it. I smell Angus excrement!
Moving the other direction, the atheists are really angling for an absolute power-grab with AGW/CC, and how desperately we "need" SocMed. Fifteen years ago they swore up and down that we all only had a decade to live because the CO2 level in the atmosphere has risen a quarter of a tenth of one percent in 100 years! I don't know about you, but I'm still very much alive. Another indicator of bullshit is, I doubt seriously that anyone in 1894 was taking atmospheric CO2 level readings, because the technology to do so hadn't been invented yet. This is more "Communists for (junk) 'Science' in the Pubic Interest" jingoism.
Here's how you spin the facts: Did you know that meat is deadly and dangerous? That's right, folks! We know it because our statistical research shows that almost everyone whoever died ate it sometime while they were alive...Coincidence? I think not!!!...and so on. This is the kind of "science" that says "Jews" are a plague and the source of all evil in the human race and must be eliminated. These is the sort of alleged "studies" that get people to buy into the rubbish Ku Klux Klanners and other fanatics and zealots propound. To young, impressionable, gullible ears, it sounds like the liars know what they are talking about. In reality, there's no more to it than nothing: Snake oil. Tommy-rott! I've been bullshined by enough of these hucksters to know what I'm saying from dear-bought experience. They're "sincere" - BFD! The sales meetings I used to attend are where I learned "when you can fake that, you've got it made." Ever heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions? Many times today, the intentions aren't anywhere as good as they appear!
History is full of opportunistic, George W. Bush-esque flim-flammers - religious and non - propounding dreck that cost people their property, their liberty and ultimately their lives! I used to work the field, and all sales and marketing (S&M for short?) are made on emotionalism and a good bit of deceit, which is why Galt-in-Da-Box don't pimp. Propaganda is based on a few solid facts marinated in preconceived notions and shoved at people with fear-mongering, high-pressure sales tactics. The prerequisite of the more successful kinds, is that it always be promoted as "news" or "statistics" or "research", and it focus on blaming someone else or something else for the results of your errors other than you. Of late, it has become the vehicle of choice for branding white America with a scarlet letter for everything from minimal health care for wetbacks and lazy bums "the poor", to high temperatures in Summer! Preach it loud and long enough and almost everyone will buy it, especially if they think they'll get wealth without working from it...Hell, you may even start to believe it yourself.
It's well past time to turn off the "Two Minutes' Hate" and start thinking critically and logically for ourselves!

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