Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some Sunday Morning!

Got up early for the first time in months and stayed awake, and started asking myself questions and therefore pondering, in light of positive and beneficial events I've experienced lately - the majority of which had nothing to do with religion and politics, but would have been denounced by both:
Galt-in-Da-Box has come to the conclusion I'd much rather be happy than "right", anytime.
There's so much of life we waste arguing over petty things that really don't amount to a dunghill when it's all said and done. Nobody actually knows with any concrete certainty what is "right" anyhow anymore - if they ever did - so why not just blow it off and get on with living? You pay a very dear price for not learning how to love and care until it's too late...Believe me! I have my own pet theories, as anyone having read this blog for any length of time can see, but your mileage may vary and probably does. Were we created or did we evolve? I don't know for absolute certain (you don't either).
I can almost hear a few somebodies out there shouting "Hey, wait a minute...What about Reverend/Preacher/Doctor/Brother So-and-so!?" "What about this book or that document!?" "What about X, dammit!?" What about them? If they gave you wisdom to direct and fulfill your own life, hang with them. If they were nothing other than an excuse for someone to bash someone else, maybe it's time to re-evaluate your position. There's a greater reality you are completely missing. While you're wasting all your time and energy looking for Commies under your bed - or "terriss", I believe are the new government-mandated boogymen - You're time and energy are passing and fading. If you really want something to be afraid of, try this on for size:
What will you do when you've spread your meaningless fear to the point no one wants anything to do with you (I'm speaking especially to the religious and self-righteous, here)? Will those fear-based "beliefs" and thoughts they generate laugh when you tickle them as you dress and get them ready for school? Will they hold you close when you are dying? Will they feed you when you can no longer feed yourself? Will they make your day as you put them to bed at night? Will they impart the warmth and joy of a sunny day on the beach? If you get honest, you know the simple, two-letter answer. It's NO. It's available to piss away a lifetime being so "right" that there's nothing left! You've been saying NO to life for so long now. Don't you think it's time to start saying YES? I'm much less an Objectivist, a Christian or a Conservative anymore; just someone who wasted a lot of time, money and effort on all that, and found it a high-maintenance road that leads nowhere...It's more important to be a Realist! This is for the discontented wife and regimented mother pondering if there's life out there in the working world, the businessman who is never home, and the young man or woman who doesn't want that "square, conventional" family life because you'll have to "give up" your "freedom", and coming from the perspective of that last category much further down life's road. That boringly normal existence you take for granted or dismiss so lightly is something others would die for - I'm one of them.
Be much less concerned with whether or not there's life after death, and make certain there's life after birth!