Saturday, August 1, 2009

Too Good To Be True

Building on that "most expensive vacation (from reality) you can take" theme.
It seems to be a malady of our age. An epidemic or pandemic might be a better way to describe it. There was a day and time when only big shots and UEMFs got the bug, but it's trickling down to high school jocks and soshes (possibly short for sociopaths, in this case), and spreading like wildfire among the business and fiduciary set as well. Galt-in-Da-Box is hard-pressed to put a label on the mental dysfunction. Some have proposed HUAD/cranial rectumitis. Whatever you call it and since the country has no clue Who made it great and famous to begin with, almost every household may soon have atleast one case.
Information comes my way often, but not always from sources I'm at liberty to disclose. That understood, this chilling psych-profile that came to light during research early last month was a clarion wake-up call to yours truly and might come in handy for anybody out there trying to similarly cope:

"Their greatest characteristic is professional sociability - well-groomed, seductive, articulate in many cases. Any deficiencies in these categories are compensated by polished charm to a fault.
In his worst state he's impossible to live and deal with, due to perpetual dread of justifiable consequences; a certain fearful looking-for of judgment. At best, she's the quintessence of seclusion when not working, shopping or engaged in vital tasks because the great unwashed masses aren't worthy of the grace of her presence. You can call, email, text and knock on her door, but unless she wants something from you, seeking a personal in-throne-room audience with The Almighty is probably easier to arrange. This guy thinks he's God-on-a-stick but palms it off as busy, or having better things to do. The upper-crust, high profile ones are easy to spot, because even when he's wrong, he's right...Just ask her, she'll tell you. The more dangerous, low-profile sort are never that open. They think they're being polite or diplomatic by 'not telling all they know'. Fact is, he thinks you should be groveling grateful for the smallest pearl issued from his lips. She's not arrogant, just better than you. He may speak briefly of his athletic accomplishments or she of her academic ones and have credentials to prove it, but never divulge how they were obtained. It's not in the manner you would think. They like flashy cars and fancy clothes, and to be seen, but only by those from whom they can obtain wealth and privilege. She's very polite and proper until she gets what she wants, then you don't exist anymore. He says and does all the right things, going through the proper motions until the deal is closed, and you don't have to worry about follow-up unless you've still money, sex or influence they want. You're expected to be at their beckon call. Everything is a business transaction. He or she always looks the Eagle Scout in public, but behind closed doors, anything goes to achieve the objective: Regardless of your gender (and it doesn't make any difference to them) you'd better be happy with a one-night-stand or an hour in the closet, one time only. You are being bribed, or paid for services rendered. He doesn't know what love is. Her commitment is to keep you paying, and in that regard she'll be glad to marry, then divorce once you no longer gratify her fiscal lust. If he marries, it will because all his buddies are, and he must maintain appearance for business sake; the wife and kids are trophy and exploitable playthings of which he'll quickly tire.
Ayn Rand wrote of the virtue of selfishness, and by her well-reasoned definitions it is. For these voracious, compulsive users however, selfishness is not a mere virtue but a religion: A cult of personality to which they are fanatical adherents. The money makes the minimum monthly on her overextended credit card, or his car payment, but they'll gladly accept expensive gifts which will be worn or used once, then abandoned or tossed to the entourage to maintain stardom. One must keep in season. Always in debt and in search of another to pay it, they never stay in one place too long. You can count on them to be honest about enough to merit your patronage, but truth and full-disclosure will likely come in their wake, from disappointed lips other than their own. Bill Clinton proved it's available to be a nominally 'honest' liar, without a shred of integrity.
He prefers religion to faith and genuine spirituality: It's an excellent way for her to learn the system and play it flawlessly. They worship idols, but they serve themselves as they endeavor to become objects of worship. Mass and confession to take his 'spiritual' dump, then what clergy calls sin is 'okay because everyone else is doing it/for a higher purpose' (i.e: their own) til next time. If it will further her career or get him to the top, they will commit altruistic acts for the cameras and the view of their swooning followers from time to time, with that alone as the aim (of whom our political ranks burgeon), but they get what they want behind the scenes in what's rationalized as 'the real world'. Church or synagogue is the floor of the stock exchange for them. There the parasite finds fresh hosts. Too bad for him God can't be bribed; she can't con The Lord.
The attitude goes far beyond mere greed or egotism, and yet, for all their self-absorbtion and gratification, there is no satisfaction. Lust is an ever-burning, all-consuming fire. They were likely passed around and used for others' perverted enjoyment in their childhood or youth, and therefore have no issues carrying the 'family tradition' forward and exploring new, non-sexual forms of such exploitation. For the upper echelon, the golden parachute is always there, packed in advance - for the lower ranks not so much. The blindness of her egotism and his vanity will lead them into deeper criminal activity, and when mom and dad die, or friends won't bail them out any longer they will still assume themselves above the law.
When the cops or feds make the collar, the end of the innocence comes harder for some than others, it 'seems so unfair' til the facts surface. Eventually, even the entourage catches on to the scam and the faithful ranks dwindle as disillusionment day breaks on the cold morning after..."

One of these almost wrecked my country, and another tried to turn my alma mater into a personality cult, ruining hundreds of lives in the process. We've all witnessed recently, the demise and worldwide mourning for one similarly afflicted and afflicting, and I used to be in the entourage of a lower-ranking individual with a 91% match. The profile is characteristic of the utilitarian philosophy; the mindset wherein "the end justifies the means" and everyone else is means to their end. As we drift further from the Word as our general culture standard and the lusts of the self-centered displace the rule of law, this mental disease will become more prevalent. Should you happen upon one exhibiting the symptoms mentioned above, take evasive action and appropriate precautions. Intervention is not recommended unless they ask for it and prove they mean it. Extremely limited exposure is recommended, even if on the other end of a telecast.
If it looks and sounds too good to be true it probably is, and that definitely applies to people, not just real estate deals or investment opportunities.

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