Sunday, September 27, 2009

Acknowledging Borders & Boundaries

For no small while after foraying into Biblical research and learning what power the Believers had if they would only realize and use it, I've had to struggle with why there are still some things we cannot do. Some have posed this paradox in terms of "Well, if God wants everyone to be healed, why aren't you clearing out the hospices and hospitals!?" It's not an issue with an easily-acceptable solution.
Lately, I've been dealing with an issue thats only benefit has been realizing practically some clarity as to that solution.
What is the worst thing in the world you can imagine having to endure? Some would say the loss of a spouse to disease. Others would say divorce. Perhaps the closest one to my heart is a father losing a beloved son or daughter in a tragedy for which they - justifiably or not - feel responsible. I had a long-time friend who, because of the long-term effects of the looter/moocher/parasite mentality, became dangerous to herself and others, and in the advancement of age, but primarily due to the cancerous mental effects of femiNaziism, is blaming the consequences of her poor choices on everyone around her.
The common element here in all these are lines of demarcation between each individual. We are so schooled to think only in terms of collectivism: Family. Church. Nation. Community. God deals with individuals, and I've got the majority of Scripture addressed to one individual or another backing me up on this.
Concurrently, these boundaries are ones across which we can only make the goodness of God available to them to accept or reject: We cannot make the decision for them. If someone does not know enough truth to believe, there's an opportunity to meet their needs from The Word. If they know enough, and in willful ignorance, reject the truth they've been taught in order to defend and worship a lie, deliverance and healing are unavailable. The hallmark of insanity is empty-headed-emotionalism based decisions with dire consequences, followed by rationalized cop-outs and excuses for cover. This destructive lack-of-thought process has gone beyond pop-culture habit in our day and time; it's becoming established and enshrined as policy!
Insane people cannot be reasoned with, or attracted by goodness.
If this is going on in your own life and you recognize it, you can do something about it with the Truth of the rightly-divided Word. Not so much if someone close to you is so afflicted, and they are hopelessly infatuated with the object at the center of this process. "Kool-aid-drinkers"/True Believers of this sort seldom just harm themselves.
You are responsible for your own life and what you allow within it. You cannot be responsible for those of others. The Bible records that in his hometown Jesus Christ "did not many mighty works there, because of their unbelief" (Matthew 13:58). Numerous attempts to bring healing and help have been made; they have been answered only with numerous injury.
It is a heavy and sorrowful thing to watch those you care about, whose lives once held such promise and hope, wasted and plundered by their idolatry.

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