Thursday, September 17, 2009

Constitution Day

Or Citizenship Day, as some call it.
On this date in 1789, the Constitution was ratified and became law, the first foundational document of a nation in human history that hindered and limited government, not the people! In honor of that spirit and mindset, Galt-in-Da-Box/CFN hereby propose the following as The American Agenda:
1. Restore national sovereignty and independence. Get rid of treasonous, UN-Constitutional enclaves that put slave and tyrant states on an equal footing with free ones!
2. Return to the gold standard. Get U.S. off this worthless fiat paper and debt-based non-standard pseudo-economy, and tell Ben Bernanke and the fabian socialist Keynesian Khazakhs to get lost, along with the Federal Reserve!
3. Reduce bureaucracy. Any part of government on all levels, that has nothing to do with protecting the citizens in its jurisdiction, enforcing the laws or other Constitutionally-sanctioned activity should go!
4. Withdraw all American troops from foreign soil (this might be considered part of Point 3). We need our military at home, on our southern border, stopping the invasion and criminal activity being perpetrated there, and unless there's a clear and present foreign threat to the United States, here is where they need to stay!
5. Get government out of all other areas of society not specifically authorized by the Constitution: This would include, but not necessarily be limited to, retirement savings, medical/health care, real estate/housing, transportation (the auto industry) and interstate commerce.
If you as an individual, can't see the common-sense logic of this, try reading the Constitution and the Bill of Rights some's far from rocket science. Slowly but surely, "progressive" politicians and other liars and cheats from "both" party have been working to steal the liberty enumerated to you and me in these documents for almost a century now...
It's past time we get it back!



too late..8 years of bush twisted the constitution so much that our forefathers wouldn't even recognize it any more.


ps you have to go by tex'as blog and see the video that he is running ...some woman put it up and its fucking freaky...