Friday, September 25, 2009

Deja Moo...

That's what I've been experiencing lately; the disturbing familiarity that I've smelled this bullshit before.
Galt-in-Da-Box visits quite a few different, allegedly-"Conservative" websites for counterpoint to the usual left-wing drone of ABCNNBCBS. Unfortunately, instead of brilliant insights and fresh solutions with which to form a concrete strategy for leading the nation forward and out of its current collectivist darkness, all I hear and see is a "right"-wing version of the President-bashing and sniveling all over the place when Gimpy McFlightsuit started U.S. down the road of binge-borrowing and crony-handouts Obama has been continuing. You know, the same sore-loser strategy that didn't work for Democrats!
Here are a few pointers for the ivory-tower set in the GOP, if you ever hope to resonate with the base and get into office again:
0. Stop lying...That is, start living up to that professed love for the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence your punditry loves to talk to get you elected, but so few of you had the nuts to practice during the 16 years you pissed away in Congress.
1. Kick the leftists, globalists and internationalists out!
1. Kick the leftists, globalists and internationalists out!!
1. Kick the freaking leftists, globalists and internationalists out!!!
BTW, did I mention you should kick the compromising, spineless, RINO, Rockefeller "Republican", neo-CON-artist leftist globalists and internationalists out!? A massive move left and into everyone's business under George W. Bush served you poorly. If you don't lose the Papist quislings and Trotskyite spiritualists, you had better get used to losing!
2. Bring something to the liberty! Quit talking about term limits (*ahem* Mark Souder, are you listening, sir?), flat taxes, reducing bureaucracy, privatizing education and tort reform, and pass the damned bills, already. If you just mean what you say and say what you mean half the time, it'll be a massive improvement over your last watch.
3. Replace the fascist Opportunist welfare/warfare/workfare Schtaat with a capitalist opportunity state.
4. Bring our troops home and start enforcing border security.
5. Quit listening to do-gooder altruists that insist we waste our resources minding everyone's business but our own.
These changes have been proposed by yourselves in the past during numerous elections and never implemented, because somewhere along the line, you always get bought off and sellout, oh...
Wait a minute...All this could be accomplished if you just stop kissing the pompous, egotistical, elitist ass of the Roman Catholic cult!!!
Yeah, there you go.

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