Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Dull Thud

As in the sound made by a large "road apple" bouncing off a well-positioned Viking warrior's shield.
Since it's become patently obvious to anyone half-paying attention that "Dubya-Dubya-2" analogies are flawed, that the police-action-on-"terriss" is nothing but another massive wealth-transfer from the public fund to OMFR Papists and Khazars & it wouldn't take FDR seven years to hunt down and kill a hand-full of ragheaded fanatics or their supporting Sauds who "can't find reverse on a Soviet tank" as well as that the current administration is marching in goose-step with the previous, it's unfortunate that there are so many on the alleged "right" who still don't freaking get it. This brain-dead emotionalism of "it's only wrong when the other guys do it/it's got 2 B true, Comrade...Der Holy Mother Schtaat sez so!!!" lingers on. The rationalization capacity of true-believer party hacks knows no limit.
I think their obstinance flows from "blank-out": Ignoring willfully the elephant in the middle of the room that if they acknowledge they've been getting fed a line of bullshit for at least the last decade by RINOS, Rockefeller ten-cent-millionaire ass-buddies, and other globalist ass-hats with way too much inherited/workfare/government-handout/similarly unearned "wealth" angling for absolute power, they would have to admit that most terrible of all things no Johnny-Reb (or similarly un-minded "Yankee" dumbass) wishes to ever consider: They were wrong! Christ forbid, perish the thought. Being deceived is no error, it happens often to all; the error is, after learning of the deceit, continuing on in it as if it were true while denouncing everyone who dares to point out the error! There are encouraging signs some folk are starting to wake up, but more that there's a long way to go, yet. Let me write it on the chalk board, since you still appear to have a lot of lingering problems with the associated arithmetic: Socialism, altruism, interventionism and globalism are UN-Constitutional - even and especially if propounded by a internationalist quisling palming himself off as conservative.
Doubly so if propagated by a professional liar who is the son of the professional "read my lips" liar the GOP sold you back in '88!

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