Tuesday, September 1, 2009

If The Shoe Fits...

How "the 'R' word" is used to erode Western Civilization.
If you were born American and white, you are becoming increasingly aware you can't do things like oppose illegal migration or a bigger welfare/workfare state without being labeled "racist" (heads-up: this is going to be a rather lengthy post, so if you want to go to the bathroom, get a glass of water or a cup of coffee - maybe even a bowl of popcorn - before continuing, feel free). Amazingly enough, and contrary to contemporary "multicultural*" dogma, racism is not an exclusively white thing, but try getting that through the heads of Jeremiah Wright, Justice Sotomajor or Abe Foxman without using a jack-hammer to break up all the rocks inside. The fires of racism have been well-fed and fanned by social(istic in)justice-mongers and multiculturalists alike, who both claim to be after equality, but are actually seeking equality or superiority of outcome for pet gimme-groups/protected victim classes, rather than the Constitutional, proper goal of equal justice under law. Distilled, what that means is, government handouts and appeasement to moochers today, because of alleged injustices committed by others decades or centuries ago!
Recently, this movement has made a bold, new turn as we've seen tiny, wealthy minorities largely in control of vast segments of the nation's economic machinery line up at the trough as well. Anyone paying attention knows they already position themselves to primarily benefit regardless of the economic climate. Often racism arises as an effect, because "the curse causeless shall not come". The following are some insight, commentary and conjecture offered previously by Galt-in-Da-Box regarding This "Recession" We're Being Sold: as the condition has become more prevalent during our new dictator'spresident's reign instead of less:

Since government power expands the more people go seeking to it for handouts, favors and special privileges, it's not at all surprising to see the fifth-columnists of the Fourth Branch moving a lot of economic gloom and doom.
Nowhere is the picture painted darker than on Der Schtaat's own NPR, and I suspect PBS is following suit, which takes nothing away from the hit-pieces ABCNNBCBS contribute to the effort. This has been going on for quite some time now, but I notice no significant decrease in the shopping volume at the malls locally, few major layoffs and gas back down below $2 a gallon. Some key things to remember during all this fear-mongering and propaganda:
1. Stock market drops occur when the OMFR move their money out.
2. The first wave of fear-mongering by the scare-tactic artists and engineers in the media usually gets the middle-weight investors to pull out, and this is where drops become major "corrections".
3. The OMFR count on this ignorance to drive down the prices so they can pick up cheap for an equally-engineered short-term spike.
4. When certain major stocks fall due to this contraction, it does not affect the other stocks in the market, only the average.
5. The people hit hardest during such a correction will be the dumbasses who borrowed money to get into the market in the first place, and have less when they bail out than they started with - if anything.
6. Only bureaucrats and stock-hacks sincerely believe the market will never go down: The bureaucrats because they want to keep living off others thoughtlessly forever, and the brokers because they have to psyche themselves up to move stocks.
7. Even with the best diversification/mutual funds, putting your retirement money in a stock market pipe dream is at least risky, and at worst stupid, especially when you can pay less tax and make more long term in CDs, if you shop around and buy smart.
8. Expecting a stock broker - or "investment professional", as they're pimped now - to make a better investment for you than he will for himself is foolhardy.
9. The second, and larger group of people hit hardest by a business/stock slump are those with massive amounts of other kinds of debt, because being a debtor is worse than being poor!
10. The third - not the first - group of people hit hardest in an economic downturn are the poor, but they are used to surviving on a shoestring.
Having been there, I define "poor" honestly, as the individual who doesn't have much money, or barely enough to do anything more than "just get by". The motherf..."individuals" out there pretending to be middle-class or wealthy while living large in debt (Papists, mostly) are the ones who take the hardest beating in any kind of economic stalemate or contraction - even a minor one! No small wonder government bureaucracy is top-heavy with them, and currently suffering the consequences of this brain-dead fiscal policy. The mentality of "the world owes me a living" is not that of the poor, or even that of the actual, non-leveraged middle class, but very common among the lot that think since they're members of "the one true and only church"; that God is on their side so they can do no wrong. Those they owe, "God's chosen people", at the top of the economic pyramid who usually start a recession, share this conceit, though for different rationalizations (more about this relationship in a later post called The Judaeo-Christian Lack-Of-Ethics). They benefit the most from a recession, because A)they don't have to spend anymore money, but can extract it at anytime, B)The government relies most on them for finances in order to operate, and C) these conditions place almost everyone else in a subservient position, whether they wish to acknowledge the fact or not. It seems to have escaped their memory the last time they tried a scam on the scale they are trying to engineer now, they ended up in concentration camps, because all the money in the world won't buy off a tyrant with good propagandists leading a well-armed mob. Their major concern is maintaining the relationship, and their position as primary manipulators thereof (sorry, YG: Not all of them are Republicans, because the Democrats couldn't exist, operate or function without their consent and usage).
Never forget: They think destitution is virtue...as long as it's someone else's, not their own!
(From 17NOV08)
Question: What shortly preceeds every economic downturn?
If you're an Xer, you probably know where I'm going with this, but humor me. Last time we broke down the mechanics of a recession. Tonight, I want to expound a bit on the dynamics, that is to say, the driving force in every recession: What makes the fiat-paper rich and OMFR clam up, jam up, go anal retentive and cut off the money flow?
I've lived through four of these...1982, 1987, 2000, and the current, and they all share one common spark. Before the stocks slide, before the layoffs and the UAW snivelings, and long, LONG before the banks start feeling a crunch from defaulted loans (nothing new...get over it), the common denominator - but not the least one - is the liar.
Specifically, the...TV "news" liar.
Pay close attention the next time something like this happens. If you're estute, you'll notice there's almost always an election close at hand. If there's a Republican in office, the economy is generally portrayed as "faltering", "poor", and/or "the worst since the great depression". And it doesn't matter if the guy running against him is Hitler, as long as he's got a (D) behind his name, he's the savior whose gonna cleanse the lepers, heal the sick and shower us with manna from heaven.
Over at Vox's, they're devoting a massive amount of time, study and research into the technical and dynamics of the great depression, with generous speculation about the current economic "crisis". Because of fatalism/"dispensationalism", there's an equally sizable lot of doom, gloom and "Jeeeezusss iz a-comin' bayack t'morrah!!!" commenting also...
The love affair between a high-profile politician and his fawning, swooning media true-believers may last awhile, or end abruptly if BHO does something they don't like, but you know it will end sometime, because the Dan Blathers and Tom Lockjaws of the world live to set folks up and knock them down.
Truly amazing how many allegedly-intelligent people will swallow whatever bullshit they're spoon-fed, simply because it's "news" or "facts" or "research" presented by a "professional" propagandist reading a teleprompter on ABCNNBCBS!
(From 14DEC08)
You know what Home Depot, Steve & Barry's University Store, Linens 'N' Things and Value City all have in common?
All have either closed stores, are in the process of going out of business this holiday season. This is what happens when the Khazaroviches and Khazakhsteins start running scared of the very socialism that - by and large - most of them voted for. All over the "cultural meccas" (coasts) of this country, OMFR elitists are buying the propaganda and running scared: They're emptying their investment portfolios, hoarding their wealth and moving it to offshore accounts in hopes they will not be taxed by the very regime they just financed into power.
Guess who that leaves holding the bag? Give you a hint: Look in the mirror!
There's a disturbing parallel between the economic behavior of these folks and their predecessors in the Weimar Republic (that's pre-Nazi Germany, for the historically challenged), and that's not just that they believe they can do whatever they want to anyone and everyone and get away with it, but that they actually are, and such is likely to continue without much resistance...At least, for a while. A sizable majority of them consider themselves to be Objectivists. Their twisterpretation of Ayn Rand's philosophy rationalizes they have a "right" to screw you, me, the government, the shareholders, and anyone else because they are worth it; after all, they are "God's chosen people", and - as Prez. Johnny-Reb has shown us with seven years of police-action - When Gawad is awn y'all side, y'all cain't never be rawang! Chalk up another one for spiritualism.
One reason they are likely to continue the fleecing of America without resistance, is they control the recently-bailed-out banking "industry" that enables our government's addiction to indebtedness. Another, is that they do so, whether they know it or not, at gunpoint. It's hard to tell realistically whether the government works for the bankers or the other way around at this juncture...That's how intricate, complex and complicated the fornication is! Their brethren in Europe have accomplished the conquest of that continent with banks that Hitler could not with tanks, via the EU, and now an encore performance is taking place on this one. They should hope it doesn't end the way it did last time: The government is about to become very top-heavy with leftist-socialists who have as little regard for the Constitution and individual rights as they do, and these disciples of Che Guevara make no bones about their utter contempt for fake Judeans.
Most people don't like getting ass-raped by anyone, and have a tendency to retaliate with untamed retribution!

These were all written before the recent scapegoating of Bernie Madoff - Apparently, when the highly-questionable activities of a certain well-heeled group fall under close scrutiny, one method of appeasement is throw an individual member under the bus. It's not particularly clear at this point who got the thirty pieces of silver for turning him over. What is, is that they better spend or hoard it away offshore soon, because once their relatives start to benefit as SocMed intermediaries/government employee doctors, the questions and scrutiny will return.
I strongly suspect "the 'R' word" is just another fnord/canard tossed glibly about of them that do not like the consequences of their own actions (or lack thereof, in certain cases) and seek someone other than themselves to whom to assign blame - see also: "anti-semitic", "homophobe" &c. Let these folks, regardless of race, color, religion, gender (preference), age or national origin heed this well: This land is still populated by a sizable number of tax/attention-paying, well-armed and nearly-fed-up "native Americans", who are growing sick and tired of carrying your dead-weight, listening to your cop-outs and being told to do more for you with nothing in return. Thomas Jefferson wrote that "all men are created equal"; everyone came into this world with nothing and will leave it the same way. Judges, lawyers, political campaign promises and soap-box-mounting hacks stirring up the willfully ignorant of those facts to make money and a name for themselves will not change them! *Multiculturalism is the stupid, asinine, idiotic assertion that all cultures are equal, ignorance which is clearly contradicted by the fact one part of the world with a common culture grew and evolved out of ignorance and poverty while most of the rest of it with radically different ones not only didn't, but in certain cases to this day, for whatever excuse, refuses to! Leftists, socialists and neo-con-artists will dreck on superciliously about "root causes" and wealth redistribution...none of which will help or change things, as it has not for the entire existence of the United (abomi)Nations that puts slave states on an equal footing with free ones, at the expense of the latter, to the detriment of the former.
The real issue is not race, but believing.
Some do it, most don't.

P.S: If the shoe fits, kick yourself with it:
You might just get the required motivation to do something other than whine and leech.

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