Sunday, September 20, 2009

The "Judaeo-Christian" Lack-Of "Ethic"

It seems the news media is just now discovering that the political climate of Chicago, IL - much like that of the rest of the country - is somewhat wanting in pristine purity and holiness.
In other news, water is wet and bears actually do shit in the woods. Just in case the sacred scribblers of the birdcage liner have been living under rocks for most of human history, absolute power over others generally tends to attract to it those least worthy or capable of handling it. So if a Khazari governor is angling to cash in big in the senator seat market, or a "good Christian" Senator is found playing "happy feet" in an airport bathroom, and the fish-hacks are still having math issues, they might blow the dust off their Bibles and consult Matthew 4:8-10. Unlike religion or politics, The Word tells you everything you need to know to discern what goes on behind the scenes - sometimes more than you want to.
I always wanted to be a "true believer" American: Rah-rah, rally 'round the flagpole, might = right, we're going to save the world from itself and do it right by damn, &c. My blind faith in the lies of the political class suffered severe damage the first time I cracked an almanac and read the Constitution, discovering how much of it has been subverted and circumvented "for the advancement of the 'Christian' faith" or "for the common good". It took a direct hit broadside amidships and sank like a freaking rock when I read the Bible, discovering the real motivating force behind politics; the spiritualism that drives it. Realities therein never seem to stop politricksters from going on endlessly about the alleged "Judaeo-Christian Ethic" that is supposedly what our country is founded on. Laying aside the fact that term itself was coined by John Calvin, "The Protestant Inquisitor" and is little more than a cloak that covers evil at best, who offered the Lord Jesus Christ all the kingdoms of the world if He would fall down and worship him (you can't offer somebody something that's not in your possession)? "The thief cometh not but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy..." For a literally "dead" giveaway, consider the 175 million people murdered by their own governments in the last century alone!
The Founding Fathers had some truly great ideas, and I continue to hope that some day we'll get around to implementing them. A lot of right-wingers who stop by here are not going to like what I'm about to type...too bad: You can evade reality, you cannot evade the consequences of evading reality. That might come as a shock to the port side as well, seeing as they tend to exercise blind faith in their own fantasies. Neither "side" of the single-aisle political structure wants to pay their own freight. Disguising it as "rights" or religion will not cover up the fact you are thieves and liars - just like your spiritual father - anymore than it will hinder the oncoming judgment. There is a balance to things. It matters not whether you call it natural selection or "the day of the Lord", but when people fail to control mind, life and responsibilities, repercussions are inevitable. They may be delayed by handicaps and mulligans artificially created by bankers, backers, unions, governments or other nature-impeding, equally-corrupt influences, but that only means they will arrive later, with interest, and payment will be more expensive.
Not necessarily limited to money, either!



pagans rule

Ted Amadeus said...

Kind of...but the ones that "rule" disguise themselves as "Christians"...WTF!?