Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Nein...nein...NEIN!!! Schnell!"

Why the hell are people making such a big deal out of the date?
Celebrate, for Chrisake: Go out & buy a silver ingot, or something. Gold if you can afford it (LOL).
Oh, yeah...I know what the big deal...
If you see Dan Hettinger today, wish him a happy 44th birthday!!!
You rock, dude!



im just waiting for 12-21-12

Ted Amadeus said...

Me too...
By that time, the begging bags and bowls of the Vatican should be a lot fuller and ditto the dirty little secrets of high-ranking officials in their hands, as the Papist big shots and high-mucky-mucks buy their "fire insurance".
I can't wait to laugh my ass off on 22DEC2012 at all the allegedly "Christian" dumbasses who bought that freaking world's-gonna-end-on-this-date spiritualist snake-oil all over AGAIN.
The public end-of-the-world fetish is close to the top of the Most Morbid Things About Humanity list!