Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Letting Go

It doesn't mean you don't care, just that you recognize the natural course of things.
If you rowed out into the water with the best boat and the biggest nets you could find, how much of it do you think you could keep from going under the bridge? The last weekend of summer, Galt-in-Da-Box took a whirlwind tour of Mackinac Island, MI. It would have been much more fun had I not dragged along a bunch of useless ham radio gear, but the experience and associations were memorable fun. That last day, I went out on the boardwalk on the west end of town to take some shots of the setting sun. The thrill of setting out on a new adventure whose end is uncertain had been with me from the outset, gently easing away from my determined mental grasp the effects of more concern for friends and family than they had for themselves: Altruism can be a debilitating thing even in its proper framework.
Looking out on the water as it rolled inexorably 'neath the Mackinaw Bridge, I wondered how much of it had flowed that way. There comes a point in every chapter of life when you have to recognize you have done all you can do, and leave the rest to flow where it is supposed to be. Tomorrow is yesterday, in many cases. You cannot change or fight destiny. Parameters are where they are for a reason. Forget those things behind and reach forward toward those ahead.
I saw a movie one time where a man's son was kidnapped and held for ransom, and instead of giving in to the demands of the extortionists, he took the money, went to a TV station and made an announcement, showing the millions and offering them as a reward to whoever captured or killed the kidnappers, whiles assuring the kidnappers that telecast was as close as they would ever get to the ransom. I will do that which I was intended. On that same theme, does it really matter - in the grand scheme of things - whether the terminally motivationally ill/spiritually dead wake up or not? The most casual student of Scripture realizes that "some are gonna fly away, but most won't even crawl." Let them go on playing their games, angling for absolute power in this world, bribing through socialistic altruism and "positively" stealing, killing and destroying through Pax America, "for the glory of the one, true and only," allegedly "infallible, Holy Mother" cult...
I wish them all the benefits and blessing it has to offer, because their chances of any at all in that which is to come, are nonexistent.

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