Sunday, September 13, 2009

One Honest Minister

Having written countless rants about corrupt clergy, it seems only fitting to expound a bit about one that stuck out conspicuously from the business/political partisanship that is religion by simply being honest.
His greatest words were his epitaph:

"I wish I were the man I know to be." - Victor Paul Wierwille.

I tend to believe he sought to be as faithful as he was to the task of serving people The Word because he encountered so much of the same issues with religion himself. Instead of preaching three gods, he found the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ more than sufficient. Instead of spiritualism, he taught that the only "life after death" (if you want to call it that) was in the return of Jesus Christ, and the resurrections of the just and unjust, as The Word says. Instead of making people jump at the snap of his fingers with heresies like salvation by sycophancy ("good" works), he taught people the Biblical truth that God has already saved us in Christ, and all you have to do is allow it to happen to you by believing (Romans 10:9, 10). This is uncommon and extraordinary. Honesty often is.
The world doesn't have a lot of use for honesty. About the closest it gets is sincerity: People often say "As long as you're sincere, everything is beautiful, it's all good" but no matter how you slice that, it's still baloney. There are plenty of "sincere" crooks and flim-flam men out there. In the end, people believe what they want to (John 3:16-20) and what they believe shows them up for what they are.
Let the "professional" child-molesting religionists in their weird, bizarre-ass, freaking anti-fashion-law threads carp whatever garp they want. The Word is only addressed to those who want to believe the truth - the rest can just be shown the door! If all you want is ceremony and ritual that you can conveniently forget about the minute its over; if you're looking for some outfit to brain-filthy you in repetitive, going-through-the-motions or emotions traditions-of-men so as to cater to the vain notion you can buy God off, it's available everywhere. Truth however, is a limited-time-only offer (Isaiah 55:6&7). It's there for those who want to live it out of love for God. Ol' Doc Wierwille loved God, and those who want to know Him. One of these days, God's Household will be gone, and the world will be left to the devices of those who lust after everything but God and His Word...What a dark age that's going to be! Even though I'm not perfect, I'm still faithful - I bring myself back to The Word time and again, because it's the only stability left.
I want to be the man I know to be.



I'm so pissed off at the churches and the priest, pastors etc. that I have put them one rung lower than used car sales men..

Ted Amadeus said...

That's just about right.
The greatest issue I find is convincing people God & the Bible are neither glorified or taught by allegedly-"Christian" religion.
The Bible is how God speaks to the individual to bring him or her into a personal, intimate relationship with Him, whereas religion is like masturbation:
It makes the participant feel good, but does not accomplish the intended purpose of actual sex!