Monday, September 28, 2009

Red Sky At Mourning

As we watch Constitutional, individual liberty fade away, gradually devoured by the parasite on the Potomac under the guise of "universal health care" or "saving the environment", Galt-in-Da-Box dares to ask - beyond the fact they're all Papists - what do these folks have in common?
They all like (or liked, in MacCarthy's case) to toss around terms like "un-American" and "anti-American" when referencing anybody who sees through and opposes their deceit. Gee, does one have any connection to the other? It's safe to say another disturbing parallel is their latent fascist tendencies. Still, the "positive" (ignore it all) mindset persists, deaf ears turn to the blairing Code Red alert, the masses walk by shit in the presumption that if the monster devours everyone else before them, maybe its hunger will be sufficiently slaked to ignore them in return. I've been trying to tell you for decades, it's not a matter of "right versus left" but The State versus YOU.
This is submitted in the hope they won't be hauling you off to the gulag and strapping you into a torture device after disarming you, before you wake up.



this just pisses me off..

Ted Amadeus said...

So did the email you sent me with the Trojan horse in it, which was no match for my firewall and anti-spyware programs.
If you ever try anything like that again, I will report you to the FCC, Blogger, Yahoo, Google, and anyone else associated.

If I was associated with anti-Constitution, pro-tyrants like these, I'd be pissed off to discover their treason, also!