Saturday, September 26, 2009

Speaking Of Blind Partisan Hackery

Yellowdog, Hoosierboy...move over:
"The Leftist Rush Limbaugh" is out pimping his latest flick. If you really feel passionately AGW/the environment is in danger, you could give up your air-conditioned mansion and Dodge Grand Durango (oil-burning pieces of crap spew lots of smoke"greenhouse gas"). Better yet, quit breathing. That should take quite a bit of CO2 out of the atmosphere. If Michael Moore cares so much about the plight of the common man, perhaps he could part with all his millions to charity/food banks/homeless shelters, or hand it over to his buddy Obama for "wealth redistribution" to his down-trodden heroes, the way he insists anyone wealthier/other than himself be forced to by government edict. I'm certain that would cure the problem efficiently; socialism and altruism have an unbroken track record of SUCKS-cess *ahem*.
Recently Terry Moran was boasting on Twitter about interviewing this extremist - who would have to look right with a powerful set of binocs to see liberalism - and his assertion that capitalism was anti-America and "anti-Jesus". This country needs another Papist telling it what to do like a fish needs a bicycle! First off Mike, we haven't had genuine capitalism in America for close to a century now. Second, since so much of your jingoism lines up closer to Marx and Lenin (both of whom were atheist) than Christ who are you to pontificate just what is/isn't "anti-Jesus"? This might come as a complete and total surprise to Pope Benny and yourself, but most Americans know you are fake and put up with your dreck only because the Constitution you're working so hard to undermine and circumvent, says we have to.
It's disappointing Mr. Moore how, like a drunkard at a moment of clarity, you stumble upon the facts every once in a while (Roger & Me, 911 Confidential) but your myopic socialist duplicity and chronic zealot emotionalism transform them into erroneous conclusions (Bowling for Columbine, Sicko). Propagating one's own opines is one seems to be the only thing in our info-tainment-obsessed (or is that abscessed?) media today. Propounding them as The one true Way smacks of blasphemy and heresy. Unfortunately, it won't stop ABCNNBCBS and their tax-payer-financed mirror PBS/NPR from soft-balling left-wing punditry and candidates as oft as circumstance allows to move the fascist agenda.
Suffice it to say, Mr. Moran wasted his precious time and that of his audience.

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