Monday, September 7, 2009

Superman*...And Other Myths

In the world today, it's available to have all the "right" answers, do everything flawlessly and still lose.
This post is written as a help and comfort to the young for that future day - long after you've set your course, steel-gripped what you know to be true, made your plans, rejected numerous warnings from many corners and chosen to take the long way Home - when you come face to face with the reality that you're not invincible.
That day, time and hour comes for everyone, eventually...especially those who've been pumped full of the narcotic of their "power of persuasion". The wise have their misgivings from the outset and have a "Plan B" in place, because those telling the lie were too good to be true.
The majority do not, and are left devastated in the wake of the experience.
One thing you never planned for that greatly aided the fall, is all those WASP CULTure rules, etiquette and protocol are only meant for you, not your masters. The OMFR "nobles" play by a-whole-nother set than you and I that looks the same, which they ignore at will when they can buy off the consequences. If you have no genuine, intuitive suspicion of this, you should look a tad more closely at what those in authority do, instead of what they say. No, life is not fair - only a fool expects it to be. The best you can do will be enough only if the information you are acting upon is correct, and you know more about who and what you're dealing with than the parties involved. Sometimes that is possible. Often it isn't.
The biggest error most in the business and professional world are taught is, they can achieve everything by "believing in themselves" and the "power of positive bullshit-shovelinginfluence": Say whatever you have to in order to get co-operation/what you want out of others. If what you say is true, you can expect great results. If you have "sales-talked" your team and key players somewhere in the past, (i.e: fed them a line to tow them along) it will come back to haunt you. Usually at the worst possible time. You are not the only one who dislikes people who lie and are fake: Payback's a bitch, "little white lies" &/ whether or not you actually meant any harm notwithstanding.
You weren't very happy when you learned growing up there was no Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny. There's a good reason for that - those in authority, whom you trusted set you up to fail. You doubtless began to wonder what else you could trust them on. The unfortunate answer is, nothing. There are entire religious cultures (RC, for short?) where lying to children is almost standard operating procedure; a rite of passage. Of all liars, those who deceive the young and impressionable are the worst. In Galt-in-Da-Box's not so humble opine, they deserve slightly less contempt than pederasts. People can and do have their own agendas, and things they want - with your cooperation if possible, at your expense if they rationalize it necessary. Contrary to populist propaganda you learned in public school, not everyone is your friend. It's a bad thing, but it's a part of life you have to accept.
Another point on which you've been set up for failure is, what I refer to as The Great Myth Of Education. Today, by the time a student graduates from college, most of what he has learned is obsolete, and the better part of the rest is grossly inaccurate: Much of education today centers on reliance upon government or other counterfeit authority instead of yourself, and charging handsomely for the privilege of being indoctrinated. The System functions by buying people off; giving them positions as "house nigga" as opposed to "field nigga" to keep them from endeavoring to be "massa o' da whole damn plantation". The lion's share of it is directed at making you some variety of mid-to-low level useful idiot, not a success...From Henry Ford to Dave Thomas, nobody ever got wealthy or wise working for somebody else, though the papers are filled with the tales of those who've gone in debt, stayed there and died that way. Good is the enemy of best.
These things may or may not have occurred to you before. If you are in marketing, or have the sad misfortune to be in entry-level sales, you've felt the wrath/experienced the disparagement of true-believers who reject objective assessments as "negativism/mean-spirited/place insult-to-your-intelligence here". Such fanatics forget blind faith in a cause not your own doesn't keep a roof over your head; empty-headed emotionalism won't pay the bills, no matter how much coke its practitioners snort. If you ever find yourself frustrated and confused as to why things aren't working no matter what you do, this should help you figure it out...
Check your facts...Make sure they're not fiction.

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Master Doh-San said...

Some excellent points. The game has been rigged for years.

And BS is not a high-mileage fuel.

Ted Amadeus said...

BS is not a college degree, either...More like what you're spoon-fed while you are there.
Ludwig Von Mises Institute says most college grads end up flipping hamburgers and gathering carts at Wal-Mart, and those jobs are drying up.
That's probably because college grads, like fiat paper money, become more worthless the more of them there are in circulation.
That, and the fact real jobs are almost all overseas, or filled by wetbacks now.
Grads from Papist schools get to call themselves "conservative" while getting on with some allegedly-private business that gets all its patronage and finance from government.

This is not a system geared for longevity!