Friday, October 2, 2009

#100! Selling Them The Rope To Hang U.S.

I'm kind of amazed CFN is a hundred posts already, but there's never a dearth of topic when chronicling the struggle of liberty versus tyranny:
I could offer a view of Khazari LIEabilityism's latent sell-out to the Chi-Coms. We could also explore and expound a domestically-grown fascism advocate's latest propagan-documentary

(it hasn't quite registered with some we haven't had anything approaching Adam Smith's definition of capitalism in America for almost a century). When searching for freedom's enemies, it seems one need never anymore leave our shores: Thanks to typical Boomer naivete and other willful ignorance, a nation that used to hunt down tyrants around the world now elects them President and watches their films. You have to wonder when some people will grow the balls to get the thumb out of their, uh...mouths, and take off the training wheels?

Following on that theme and in a hardly unrelated matter, here are answers to the pap, trite canards that have &/ are about to come my way regarding the focus of the last several posts:

"What right do you have to question the actions and teaching of the one, true Church of Jesus Christ?"

What proof do you have the Whore of Babylon actually deserves the exaggerated, erroneous claim in that arrogant supposition? To answer your question, the institution's actions are highly questionable for one claiming such lofty status, entirely contradictory to those of it's alleged Founder, and it has produced far more atheists than converts as a result. We won't go into the breadth and depth of its corrupt, seditious political maneuverings behind the scenes; the fanaticism of its funny-mental-ist anti-abortion movement is testimony enough on its own.

"I find your recent series negative, divisive, and mean-spirited."

Putting it in terms you would relate, consider it "An Inconvenient Truth". I personally find an outfit that lies to and molests children, has the blood of millions on its hands from centuries of fornication with government for its own political advantage, and that operates completely oblivious to the very Scripture it pats itself on the back continually for compiling, to be "negative" and "mean-spirited" at best. The Almighty calls it "the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth", and the assessment is well-deserved. Jesus Christ said the tree is known by its fruit. You do the math.

"Don't you realize you are damning your soul with these assertions?"

Don't you realize your child-molesting, nation-destroying, heresy-preaching Jesuits will lead my way in a well-worn path if your presumption is accurate, and have made far more erroneous assertions than any of which I am capable? I'll make you a deal: Have your pederast priests stop making sodomites and spreading communism, and I'll stop making my assertions. Get your idol to stop demanding worship and government money, and I'll never say another word about it. Boot perverted clergy that start organizations to normalize their perversion out of the priesthood on their pompous posteriors! Until that happens, my "assertions" stand.

"Clearly you have never heard of the Vatican II much has changed."

You mean the one wherein the Pope said he accepted entirely everything that was decided at the Council of Trent; The Council that licensed fornication with government, torture, murder and plunder of anyone that disagreed with "The Church"? If you are an American, Vat-2 was engineered exclusively to get into your pocket and that of your government, and ultimately, to subvert both. Keeping people in mental and political slavery is expensive work. So is importing millions of our enemies in every war in the name of charity.
"So much has changed" for a show, but beneath the surface so much more is just the same. Everywhere but The States it's the same old scene.
The only thing to your genuine benefit that came out of that Council is you are allowed to read and study Scripture, a move I strongly advise in your case. It's the only Way to quit being a useful idiot. Let the Word speak to you: Start thinking for yourself!

"You should be grateful I took the trouble to explain this. Most are too kind and forgiving to..."

No, the words you are looking for are more like "stoic and brain-dead"; decades of chanting meaningless mantras, performing vain ritual then going out and committing the same sins all over tend to reduce one to a mind-numbed, seared-conscienced robot.
Penance replaces repentance, and thereby the robot is controlled via strings of vainglory. You explained nothing I didn't figure out years ago, from my typically dysfunctional, thoughtlessly collectivist, reduced-to-living-fear-to-fear Papist family and friends.
There is no genuine, Godly, spiritual power and authority in Vaticanism (Isaiah 8:20), only authoritarianism and tyranny through self-righteousness-based nonsense. In the more general cases, this produces a subtle and counterfeit elitism where the religionist simply snubs anyone (s)he doesn't like as inferior.
The opposite of love is not necessary so much hate, as indifference...Speaking of which we save the most common false-accusation canard for last:

How can you be so full of hate?"

Off-hand I would say changing the Truth into a lie for political leverage, engineering the torture, murder and plunder of millions from 1220 to 1808, hundreds of thousands of Khazars in Europe in the previous century, turning a deaf ear and blind-eye to the Reich created to commit the atrocity, smuggling many of its masterminds out when the hammer of justice fell, raising a fanatical berzerker like MacCarthy to destroy American lives, poisoning the minds of millions with "liberation" atheo-illogy and devising countless "social justice" schemes to leech the life out of the United States government and taxpayers are hardly acts of true love, but all of which The Whore has perpetrated.
If I really hated you, the individual Parishioner, I'd keep my mouth shut and I'd never type a freaking word about what you are being exploited to prop up; I'd allow you to walk on in darkness, over the cliff. That I will not do.
Most animals when trapped will do anything - up to and including gnawing off a limb - to get free. Human beings are the only creatures devoid of courage and intellectually deficient enough to try and make their own enslavement a livable condition!
How can YOU remain indifferent and ignorant, for no other reasons than egotism and recalcitrance?

In closing, Galt-in-Da-Box'd just like to say if you feel you absolutely must believe in something, individual liberty just leaves the various forms of Earth-bitch-worship - "Christian" and non - choking on its smoke...
Heh, among other things!

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