Monday, October 26, 2009

Course Correction; All Ahead Flank

The Captain's Prayer: Thank you Lord, for not allowing me to screw up so badly, that it can't be fixed. Amen!

Some time ago Galt-in-Da-Box made the near-fatal mistake of listening to a siren-song and therefore sailing toward the rocks.
During that age, as you may well recall, I said often something very foolish I wish now to publicly retract, along the lines of "Freedom isn't free, but sometimes the price is too high". However high the price of freedom may be, it's nothing to the moral, ethical and spiritual destitution of enslavement. I do not cherish the mere appearance of freedom projected by the mentally and motivationally indentured. Anyone who stands for individual liberty is my friend, and against it, is my foe. Please do not perceive this as a change taken lightly, but simply getting back on course and returning to where I belong.
In fact, change is the only universal constant...Not always for the better, though. The best we can do is believe to adapt and benefit from the change. Some are masters of the art, seem to have foresight above and beyond the rest of us, and therefore always ride the crest of the new wave, or land on their feet if off-ended. Then there's the rest of us, who must constantly change course in the wake of the passing trend. There is such a thing as "equal justice under law"; it's a high moral concept to which the world has largely yet to attain, but - like a free lunch - there ain't no such animal as equality. I will never be able to invest like Donald Trump, or play basketball as well as Michael Jordan...even in retirement. Accepting that fact is not "negative and divisive", it's just reality I have to deal with. Trust me, being from Indiana, if it wasn't a fact I'd be burning up the court and cashing my less-than-half-after-government-extortion of those multi-million-dollar checks.
The same reality that prevents me from being Jordan's equal on the court, or Trumps on the exchange, also prevents a thief illegally migrating into the United States from being equal to an American citizen, or someone who obeyed the law, and genuinely immigrated via due process - even if the thief tries to palm himself off as native American. To say such brings out the empty-headed-emotionalism in the ignorant, (government screw-ooled) masses, especially those most inconvenienced by such illegal migration, and elitist, similarly brain-dead "en-LIE-tened" ones like George W. Bush - both of which love to scream about "hate speech/racism" more than the migrants themselves - but it does not change the facts, or make the iniquity right. Weakening the strong never imparts strength to the weak, but it does allow a lot of bead-fingering, idol-worshiping nobodies trying to buy their way into heaven with other peoples' money to parade around in fancy clothes before the TV cameras, and pat themselves on the back while raking in phat jack for allegedly making the unequal equal...More of that egotism psychosis we mentioned earlier, but then there are a lot of "good"-sounding but mind-numbingly stupid concepts in the great flea-market of ideas.
To the basketball analog once more; lowering the hoops or allowing me to shoot inside the lines and calling it three points would not make me equal to Jordan either...He would still be the best, and I'd be an amateur. Nothing would change, except that the fans would get ripped off, and the folks in charge who advocated the mulligans would look like dumb-asses. I could take the popular tack and blame my ineptness on low self-esteem, disenfranchisement, racism, sexism, poor toilet training "(Place name of competent individual/team here) be alway pickin' on me" or any of an ever-growing list of victim-ology/olatry-generated cop-outs, but in the end, Mike would still rule the court, and I'd still suck.
Lots of people would quit shelling out to see the farces games also!

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