Monday, October 5, 2009

Dear Mr. Bex:

Please old friend, for the love of Josef Goebbels, awake from the nocturnal fantasy that "education" is the solution to everything!
That lie has been propounded, preached and propagandized by statist advocates of the government indoctrination bureaucracy ever since the late 19th century, in oblivious and willful ignorance of the facts. If you've been experiencing a lot of bewildered, confused looks from college students at the Wisdom of the Ages displays, this is why. Much like the popular AGW/CC junk-science with which we seem to be endlessly afflicted, it is little more than a bully pulpit for socialism's latest demagogue, the worst part of which is the delusion all cultures are equal. If you can't grok "public education" is a failure, consider that in 1928 advocates of same were insisting it was necessary because a glaring 18% of the population were illiterate, and today, that's right around the number of high school grads that aren't! Collegiate curricula are a mixture of softball pablum, milk-toast and tapioca/feel-good dreck because that is what most American minds have been geared to accept. I've learned more from the Harvard Classics and the internet than I did in 12 wasted years of what I "lovingly" refer to as "pubic screw-ool", in deference to all the perversion going on there of late. There's a radical difference between teaching children to read, and guiding them toward what's worth reading...Without that last bit, most piss their minds away on the National Enquirer! Ayn Rand warned us decades ago that the true evil of modern education was not that it taught them a biased morality, but rather that it made students indifferent to the issue of right and wrong.
Judging from the amount of thoughtless abuse, assault, rape, molestation and general dumb-down deceit perpetrated within the various institutions, Galt-in-Da-Box can only assert her prediction was spot-on, sans crystal ball.

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Master Doh-San said...

Education is good, so long as you don't let a lot of schooling interfere with it.