Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Equal Access?

It is interesting to see who gets preferential political treatment:
Over a million working class Americans roll into Washington D.C. right after 9-11; the news media sits on the story or brushes them off as "right-wing kooks" as Obama blows town. A hand-full of radical pervs show up and The Patsy's giving them high-grade oral like Dubya to terrorist King Saud? Pardon the obvious pun, but WTF!? It's not that hard to figure out, because these flamboyant representatives of less than a tenth of the citizenry stump for a very well-heeled part of the population and Barry's team needs that stream of jack to keep flowing! O I'm not trying to rock your boat, but there's something you're overlooking (allegedly-"liberal" Democrat brain-trusts might also want to take this to heart): Reversing discrimination does not eliminate it, no matter how good your intentions or well you are reimbursed politically for the dis-service. I'm not siding with the "gay" community or the hypocrite...I mean WASP CULTure/square community here, just making an observation. It hasn't worked before now, and it won't work this time. Whatever bribes or hand-outs you're thinking of implementing are going to piss off everyone else who doesn't get them, because in a society that claims so valiantly to believe in equal justice under law, a commitment to give to some is perceived as obligation to give to all. BTW and to cut through all the distortion, CFN's truth extractor was positioned carefully in the audience with bullshit filter on full blast. Here's the transcript: "Your support is appreciated beyond words, now I want all you freaking weirdos to get the hell off my back and out of here pacified, so I'm gonna say and promise to do whatever I think will accomplish that."
As a side note, it takes an agnostic to put common sense in this finely-tuned a crucible.
Legislating acceptance and shoving your habits down everyone else's throats are not widely perceived as the best ways to make friends, influence people, and win the hearts and minds of those you falsely accuse of "hate" crimes and speech. Galt-in-Da-Box has a lot more issues with the "in the closet" portion of homosexual America than the demonstrators; where at least you know where you stand. Personally, I'm the live-and-let-live sort with zero interest interfering with what people do in bedrooms, which is why I hate giving bad news to good people, especially on this topic: Logic, not Jerry Falwell or the Vatican, indicates if you've got sex without the potential for reproduction happening, there's just a bit the matter. This is why many people don't buy the "compulsive behavior/born-that-way/'gay' gene" cop-outs and you were making greater progress with the "alternate 'life'-style" sales and marketing campaign, AIDS notwithstanding: The reasonable community loves honesty and responsibility! Nature is, for a species to propagate itself. Sorry boys and girls, it's not a play-thing it's serious business, in spite of what you've seen on TV (or experienced as an altar boy behind the confessional) the lion's share of which - including the news - is produced and distributed by those with an axe to grind. The major stumbling block in socialized medicine's road is we've already got too many lazy, dishonest, irresponsible folk who are not sound of mind fucking up their health with drugs, alcohol &/ overeating and saddling others with the consequences, without throwing the door wide open to more!
ACT-UP, Queer Nation and Perez Hilton might want to keep these facts in mind when shouting down the rest of U.S. if they want continued or expanded tolerance.

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