Sunday, October 11, 2009

Five Most Dangerous Words On Earth:

"I don't feel like it."
Pretty much self-explanatory from there. Don't think so? What if your home is invaded, somebody calls the cops and the local police don't feeeeeel like responding? Suppose the apartment building or house you live in catches fire and the firemen don't feeeeeel like rescuing you? Or the paramedics don't feeeeeel like reviving you or giving you medical treatment if you need it? Fortunately for you, there are disciplined people in these fields who don't let idle emotion or personal comfort zones get in the way of duty and commitment.
For a lot of the rest of the general population however, emotion is everything. I read of one woman who, after giving birth to a child, left it in a garbage can to die and it nearly did just that. Arrest and inquiry made revealed she didn't feeeeeel like she wanted her newborn son anymore...More accurately, she wanted a damned crack rock more. Politicians leverage their corrupt way into power on the self-centeredness/apathy of such. Priests and ministers tug at our heart-strings to feeeeeel guilty for and endorse the endless, work-free subsidy of them. Sorry Reverend, I definitely don't feeeeeel like it but I have no choice: Government basically has a gun to my head and a hand in my pocket.
But what do we feel like doing? Nothing really, or nothing of any good: When not spending money you don't have to buy junk you don't need, TV serves up a veritable alphabet soup of anesthetic, distracting lanolin for the mind. Phoning and texting for hours about meaningless, banal crap. Instead of useful labor, commercial corporate NPOs invite the idle out to the bingo halls and gambling casinos to throw away the borrowed money they're subsisting on. From Twitter to XBOX to Blackberry, a cornucopia of unproductive gobbledygook to make idle minds addle-brained; but the do-nothing-productive attitude isn't just for the followers.
Of late it appears congressmen and senators don't feel like doing the will of the people who put them in office unless they are certain they won't get re-elected. This prompted quite a bit of noise-making and tea-sipping September 12th. Half the country doesn't feeeeeel like working anymore, but a sizable portion of those indentured to carry their dead-weight didn't feeeeeel like putting up with it. Good for them! As observed elsewhere, when working people leave their jobs in the middle of a recession to march on Washington you know they mean business. That was no tea party, but the sound of the good old USA clearing its throat...Can you imagine what it's going to sound like if we decide we feeeeeel like speaking up!?
Along those same lines, a lot of other issues beyond the political smokescreen thrown up every election remain unresolved: Take your pick - Judicial activists and other papists inverting the natural order of things via "family" courts; Hundreds of trillions in debt to our enemies; Politician junk-scientists lying to our kids about the environment, An open-ended cannon-fodder police-action in Afghanistan and Iraq driving U.S. further into debt to fatten the bank accounts of corporate munitions and crooked bankers, So-called "expert" economists who believe the answer to spending more than you make is to just keep counterfeiting; Ten-cent-millionaire, OMFR, freshly-bailed-out with your tax dollars ne'er-do-wells running the whole American scene into the side of a mountain at super-sonic speed while calling their looting spree "capitalism", without the foggiest freaking concept of what the word really means...
If ever there was a time to feeeeeel like doing something about it, that time is now!


texlahoma said...

Right on man! Your last paragraph really showed that you know what's up.

Ted Amadeus said...

Yeah man, unfortunately I'm concerned that it's "up" our ass...
"The end of the innocence", if you know what I mean.


see....i knew you two would be friends