Saturday, October 17, 2009

How Some Folks Think:

Or, as the recent three-ring media circus made of Rush Limbaugh going for the Rams illustrates, "feeeeeel"/utterly fail to think.*
Personally, I make no apologies for anything I've said about the man: He is - at very best - a pay-to-say partisan hack, like his mirror from a different medium, Michael Moore. Much is being made out of nothing regarding his recent dealings with the NFL over the Rams which should not concern anyone but the parties involved in the deal. "Limbilge" should have known going in that the pro-state (or is that prostrate?) lapdog media would launch a full spread of torpedoes, "racist" being the obvious false accusation du jour for any questioning Mr. Obama's policies. It should also have occurred to Rush that, unless he has more money than God, gate-crashing a country-club like the NFL was a clusterfuck waiting to happen for someone with his considerable self-contradictory ideological baggage. Set all the right-wing Limbaugh-wannabes sniveling about it aside, tune out their rhetoric long enough for distillation and you have one wealthy Khazakh being told "don't call us, we'll call you" and shown the family parrot. The most expensive vacation one can take remains an ego trip.
When an organization is a mass-manipulator of finance and media, is in bed with government to the degree it can convince them to buy new stadiums for its franchises, and otherwise has its fingers in as many pies as the National Football League, that's the way it is. I don't nay or yea the conduct of the NFL, just saying what is what. Groups of wealthy businessmen - much like cadres of religious leaders, go figure - are very appearance and image conscious. In many cases' it's more important to them than actually producing anything of genuine quality and value. That never seems to be a factor in entertainment, Americans being as distraction-crazed as they are but giant corporate structure wields power: If they don't want to sell to you they don't, because in their field they are the de-facto only game in town. It's one of the reasons Americans detest monopolies, and collectivism. Even allegedly "capitalist" forms of it are abomination to the majority - BTW, that's ANOTHER big hurdle socialized medicine can't clear. The reality-based portion of corporate image concern - small though it is - is merited: NFL doesn't want to ruffle feathers or upset the customer base with politically-charged figures as they have to deal with the predominately-leftist television media to deliver their product. TV socialists hate Limbaugh, and could make that problematic.
Personally, I'm kind of disappointed Rush didn't angle for and reel in the Pittsburgh Steelers, thus giving me another good reason to despise them!

*I think "liberal democrat" in the illustration should be replaced with leftist authoritarian, to resolve the definition-accuracy issues, but otherwise tip my hat to L. Graham Smith of ecomyths for this fine bit of drawing!

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