Monday, October 12, 2009

The Midas Touch

Midas was the fabled King who could turn anything to gold at a touch.
Such success, real or fabled, is being attributed to President Obama by media people hurting for good news and material, and others clueless about the political process. As you may recall, America had an endless romance with Ronald Reagan inspite of two economic downturns on his watch and Iran-Contra. In politics, the facts don't matter, only how they are spun. There was a short-lived euphoric time during George W. Bush's reign when he could have dropped his expensive drawers and a deuce in the middle of Pennsylvania Ave. and punditry everywhere would have manufactured applause for it. The recent Nobel Prize was to be expected: It's unusual if statists don't laud their own. If I were one of the OMFR cadre fedayeen now receiving millions and billions in Federal hand/bail-out "stimulus" money, I'd probably put Barry down for an Alfred myself.
These are quick to label anything detractive said or printed about the man "racism", and we've already explored the deceptive use of this word in-depth, but preachers like Jeremiah "Goddamn America" Wright and Jesse Jackson remind U.S. that racism is a two-way street. Both lanes don't get equal coverage though equally traveled: While they tout and make ado of America's first black President, do they say anything of the fact most who voted for him were not? Back in the real world, reality awaits facing instead of evasion:
Galt-in-Da-Box has been trying to point this out for some time now, without success. The true political spectrum is not "right" or "left" or conservative versus liberal, but Authoritarian vs. Libertarian, and the two teams cheered for most occupy the authoritarian cup of the scales...
Their dead-weight continues to drag U.S. down to this day, and counterfeit accolades to distract the ignorant don't help at all!



the american people need to clean all them sonsabitches and hire someone that has never held public office and pay them all minimum wages..least we'd be getting our moneys worth

Ted Amadeus said...

And that's about the size of it!
The tiny group of Lucky Sperm Club members with their Golden Fleece Retirement Plan and Brass Ring one-termer pension deal masquerading as our "representatives" or "senators" are in desperate need of replacement with citizen legislators.
I know it ain't gonna happen til the next revolution's over, but a fella can dream, can't he?