Friday, October 9, 2009

A Moment Of Clarity

Every once in a while, the fog of altruistic inebriation lifts, and one can clearly view the logic of the stupidity of our nation's primary crisis:
Americans are almost up in arms about taxes, and talk of state sovereignty and secession anew confirms it, yet unless we strike at the roots of the tree of evil and the drunken spending binges of government, peaceful or violent insurrections are a waste of time; we're just putting a fresh coat of whitewash over rotten wood. I may have used this link before, but since nothing is too often taught that is not sufficiently learned, here we go again. The sad reality this case is made by one who views the welfare state as bad, but the equally coercive and enslaving imperialist WARfare state under the "Judaeo-Christian" tutelage of AIPAC and the Whore of Babylon as "good" is an irony not lost on Galt-in-Da-Box.
May each American have the sobriety that makes liberty possible!



you should go over to tex's'd have a field day..

texlahoma said...

LOL! Yellowdog Granny knows when people think alike.

Ted Amadeus said...

I did, YG, it's fkn AWESOME.
tex, we seem to rail against a lot of the same stupidity. Thanks for being one of the few awake out there!