Sunday, October 25, 2009

Poll Dancing

There's this feature called Facebook Polls...
So I'm on there this week past playing Farmville and Farm Town as Galt-in-Da-Box is wont, and one of my Notifications is a Facebook Poll titled "Can Gays be Christians?" I clicked the tick that said "Yes, sure they can". What follows is an amalgamation of my reasoning on this point:
Having already explained on numerous occasions that religion is little more than a look-good/feel-good social club (and being tempted to add S&M parlor to be inclusive of those ivory-tower temples where the "IF YOU DON'T...!!!" WASPel of old testament legalistic self-"righteous indignation" is still taught and preached) sort of business arrangement, and
Having noticed that homosexuality already appears to be the least of the issues most clergy and religious hierarchy have (actually, it might be an improvement from the predilections of some), and
Having endured a nominally-good quarter-century of "the chosen few" who base their Christianity on having their name in a church-membership book, the size of their bank account, the fanciness of their home or clothes, their adherence to WASP CULTure morays or traditional liturgical ritual, &/ some other extra-Biblical and therefore entirely relative, arbitrary - and Scripturally irrelevant - standard...WHY NOT?
If this is what it takes to be a Christian, if that's all there is to it, then anything goes and someone should not be excluded from the stupid "keep up with the Joneses" contest on the mere detail of reproductive disability: In the flea-market of spiritually-sordid ideas and motivationally-diseased imaginings that comprises the lot of Christendom, their money spends as well as anyone's - a fact not lost on most priests and televangelists, which is why a lot of churches already are gay-friendly. As with the modern per-version of marriage, I can't see any logical reason WHY homosexual men and women would want to throw more dead-weight on their already-complicated existences, but liberty includes - as Balloon Family has proven - the freedom to be stupid: As long as it's not done at my expense have at it. Religion is fair gayme. Do not take this posting as endorsement of some sort of legislation to force religious organizations to accept those their tenets exclude! We're already dancing on the edge of the slippery slope of telling people what they should think with "hate" crimes/speech bills. That's un-Constitutional dogma I cannot support at all. You do not have the right to never be offended! I figured out a while back if I was going to call the cops every time somebody/place/thing "huwt my wittow feewings" I was going to be spending a lot of my time at police stations, even more money in court, and probably a lot of both in jail when they got tired of putting up with my sniveling, whining, dumb ass. Reality means you don't get everything you want all the time. The only solution to the getting offended part of life is to grow up:
Liberty means freedom for everybody, not just you and your pet peeves, designer causes, ethical fads, "social justice" delusions and so forth. You DO have the right to defend yourself. The dark side of religion is, if you are going to participate in activities verboten by the fanatics, you had best learn how. Bare minimum buy a gun and take some shooting lessons, because you're going to need it as long as the Jerry Falwells, Pat Robertsons and their country-fried-baloney-crushing, all-beat-to-hell Dodge-driving, trailer-court-dwelling disciples are with U.S. Johnny-Rebs that clue in to the fact you'll shoot back tend to be a bit more apprehensive about how they wield a ball-bat or shotgun.
This would also include the section of the gay community who already know what I'm talking about and therefore wish to upgrade from Roman Catholicism and its allegedly-"Protestant" variations to the real thing: All you need to get born again is outlined in Romans 10:9 & 10. The rest - for as far as you want to go after that - is pretty much up to you. I recommend straining the old testament, gospels and Book of Revelation through the Book of Acts and Paul's Epistles if you want clarity, but your mileage may vary. You see, I found religion (to be a complete waste of time, money and effort) and therefore say, if you absolutely believe you need a holier-than-thou encounter group to read a freaking book and draw your own conclusions - something millions of people do every day - spiritual understanding may need to go on the back burner until you've mastered common sense.
That's prerequisite!



christians aren't very ..christian.

Ted Amadeus said...

I think it's got a lot to do with the natural tendency to subsist on minimums:
People start searching for answers, go to some damn church, and end up settling for excuses instead.
Why continue seeking the Bread of Life and the Meat of the Word when there's a Papist fried baloney sandwich stand on just about every street corner, they rationalize? After all, it's what everybody else is doing/"that's the way we've ALWAYS done it"/place cop-out of choice here.
Instead of good, the majority will be satisfied with "good enough".