Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Thoughts And Lucid Musings

An impromptu discourse on whatever springs to mind:

I was told two months ago when I could have still gotten tickets the Vikings-Packers match-up was going to be at Lambeau, but after last night's outcome, I'm not complaining...John Madden wept.

Yes, Mr. Letterman we're all now firmly acquainted with the fact your dick works overtime (talk about a long weekend)...Does the phrase "too much information" mean anything to you? Turn the freaking page, already!

The economic recovery wing of the Obama Administration is pondering what to do for an encore to the Cash For Clunkers program...Hint: If you let go of those rides for what you paid for them, you can do it all over again with no loss, or better yet, make a down-payment on this year's already-burgeoning deficit! Most of those "clunkers" look and run better than the POSs I'm driving!

At a great relief to the working people of Chicago who won't have to endure overpriced events, congested infrastructure and local tax and price hikes, the Windy City will not be getting the Olympic games...Apparently the Obamas didn't bring a phat enough gimme to the table to turn the heads of the IOC and that white-guilt-trip/"social justice" crap only works on our side of The Pond.

Speaking of insanity, it appears the SocMed drunk bus has hit a huge pothole and broken an axle. The 89% of you that don't want another massive handout to illegals disguised as something for the common good may have been heard at last, so let's hear it for "the 12th man"...Too bad we can't say the same for the Neo-CON-ARTIST Iran-ophobia drunk bus, as some folks are still angling for a third stop for the quagmire-on-"terriss", world police tour (Can't tell you how shocked Galt-in-Da-Box would be to learn they were mostly BFIWs with family ties to banking and munitions, but you can probably guess).

You've already seen the best blog posts of last week...CFN would be remiss in not showing you the other end of the spectrum..."Duz y'all see it dayown thayere anawhar, Meyelba!?"

...And so it goes.

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