Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Recessionary" Tea Time?

Many of us seem to think so!
Perhaps these ideas would work: A huge (90%, maybe) tax on the politicians who have been spending U.S. into oblivion all these decades. Leaving nothing but a tithe of their personal net worth across the board might give us a downpayment on the national debt's interest! I wouldn't advocate it if Sen. Dodd of CON-necticut hadn't been on Imus one morning - you know, the ass-hat that had oversight and chair on the committees that voted to give your grandchildren' and great grandchildren's future away to the Chinese communists in exchange for the money to bail out their OMFR Khazakh buddies on Wall Street. and running the banks into the ground? In true bureaucratic fashion, he question-begged the willing sycophant into plausible deniability. I haven't seen softball like that since the Wildcats!
Since most of these pricks are singing the "tax the rich!!!" song all year before a freaking election, 90% would be just about right, then put them on minimum wage, part time, since they made that crooked deal back in 1986 to turn America into a land of the forever-working poor!
Give them a crap HMO plan and Social Security to retire on, generic drug benefits, then tell them all that's only for Federal employees that work full-time - tax-payer financed vacations and trips...OUT! Mandate that they have to spend atleast 85% of their time in their home state, can only be allowed in "the mistake on the Potomac" when voting, and can only be reimbursed for expenses and travel for which they've kept receipts. Oh, and paperwork. We're talking 6 Sigma or ISO 9000 style. Lots and lots of paperwork that has to be maintained, detailing where they were, how they got there and back, what they ate or drank, what hotels they stayed in, who they fucked/fucked them, etc. And campaign contributions count as taxable income...No more "non-profit" for politicos.
Maybe they'll start actually serving the public if they have to live like we do.
The tea parties may not accomplish much more than 15 minutes of fame, but after one of those mouthy femiNazi bitches in Congress suggested Der SchtaatenPolitzithe DHS needed to start keeping track of right-wing political groups and militias, then shriked "mea culpa" only after being outed, tea parties should be the most tame of our response. Since they're talking about grabbing everybody's guns again, maybe we need to step our game up a bit. Maybe it's time for a National Tea Party! C'mon white, Anglo-Saxon, nominally-Protestant male America! You got nothing to do now anyway, since most of you are laid off, or have had your job given to a wetback, or shipped off to China. A more contemporary and accurate protest would be a Cigarette Party, since it doesn't appear Der Schtaat will be happy until you're paying twenty bucks a pack. I've got a two-word reply ready for you geniuses that think this is "anarchy", "too extreme" or "(place partisan cop-out for your lazy-ass lack of support here)"...The second word's "you", and the first one rhymes with "suck"! Seriously, over a million people didn't get their attention, but what would be the effect if every American idled by this crook-manufactured recession descended on Washington D.C. for a sit-in? No violence, just join hands, dance to some patriotic music/sing songs...and clutter up the streets and steps of the capitol building? Nobody gets in or out. Except by helicopter, perhaps! I guarantee that, if they're talking gestapo tactics over a few tea parties, it won't be long til what's needed is a "throw your rep in the Potomac River" party, and that with "cement galoshes".
BTW, If there's such a big bad terrible recession going on, why TF are perfectly good and usable items still ending up in the trash? I fished out a couple coffee makers and a duffle bag this week, all of which only needed cleaning. If I had tried to throw away something usable I was too fucking lazy to clean when I was a kid, I would have ended up in the hospital to have my mom's foot surgically removed from my ass, probably while being bitched out by the paramedics, nurse and doctors along the way...And justifiably so. They say "one man's trash is another man's treasure", and that must be why there are so many dudes and chicks out there in the salvage business. All you have to do is drive to an OMFR neighborhood the evening before trash day, and watch the furniture get set out because it has a scratch on part of the finished wood. You'll see appliances missing dials or control knobs you can buy from C. E. Sundberg for shit or a song. I snagged a portable miniature TV with AM/FM radio and cassette in my early days, and solved everything wrong with it by a trip to Radio Shack. I know a woman who got a practically brand new washing machine for the inconvenience of loading it on a pick-up truck and $50 to buy a new door, which she put on herself. A childhood buddy of mine had more than he ever dreamed of from the "lunatic fringe" benefit of a landfill job. Does this make sense: Borrow money at 21% to buy a color TV set, use it a year or two, then throw it out because you lost the remote or can't figure out a few swipes with a dust cloth would improve that "issue" you're having with your picture?
There was a time in human history when being too damned stupid to live was a capital offense...Now it's richly rewarded if you've got "Senator" in front of your name and a party initial in parentheses behind it!


Master Doh-San said...

This country seems to have forgotten the old maxim of "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without".

Just don't forget to recycle your newspapers. Yeah, that'll make a difference.

God help America.

Ted Amadeus said...

If I had a birdcage or some puppies to train, I'd "recycle" those newspapers alright...Put them to their only good and proper use, that is!
Then I suppose there is some redeeming value in the sports page and comics.