Saturday, October 10, 2009

What Government Interference Hath Wrought

Four arguments for open adoption and privatizing marriage.
This is one of the reasons why marriage, adoption and other human(e) relationships should be privatized, and government should have as little say about them as possible...A stance now made almost utterly impossible by Vaticanism and other perverse religious self-righteousness, "family courts" and leftist feminstaazi dogma imposed more often by judicial activism than legislation or referendum. Instead of treating productive citizens like political footballs and harboring legal dogma from the Dark Ages about the reproductively disabled of either gender, the Constitution, not the Papacy, should be our guide. If we could rid ourselves of the curse of the Keynesian economics welfare state, I would have no problem at all with a level playing field for everyone on marriage and adoption, because that would be the only situation under which it would actually be level!
Anything else is just another copout for handouts; an excuse to pick your neighbors' (or "partner's") pocket.
Now I'm gonna serve notice on all the holier-than-thou, Funny-mental-ist asshats out there like the Prop. 8 Papists in California, that still want to play games with people's lives in court: Here's four arguments for "equal justice under law" to become more than just a slogan on a building.
Perfect parents, no. The ideal "nuclear" family? Not so much, but since I'm still recovering from radiation poisoning by mine, and I see a-whole-nother world out there because of it, Galt-in-Da-Box'd like to say there's a much worse parent available called Der Schtaat, and that's whose corrupt system you sentence kids to be trapped in without open adoption! What you are doing is illegal because it's unconstitutional.
Get your pompous asses off that ivory tower/whited sepulchre before you get knocked off of it!



two of the best parents I know are a gay couple that adopted 4 siblings..and gave them somehting no straight couple would even consider because they were 'damaged' a good and loving home..

Ted Amadeus said...

This one was a must-salvage:
I honestly don't get a nation that insists pederasts be allowed to be Boy Scout Troop Leaders and priests, but won't let homosexuals marry or adopt kids because they "might" be?