Friday, October 16, 2009

You Gotta Hear It

Figured out how to transplant this into my web browser bookmarks, and now I got free music that starts automatically whenever I click the link (who needs downloads/take THAT, RIAA bastards)!
Your favorite artists make nothing or next to it when you buy the CDs or MP3s anyway - little known fact: The only time musicians don't starve is when they tour...Especially the ones with the sad misfortune to be on the Motown label! My friends call it "bubblegum music"; the same sound of 1970s pop/folk I grew up with, and Clay just seems to resurrect with the best of old and new. One of the sampler songs Without You, was first made popular by Nilson back in 1970, and I cherished it then. Well, the beer has been drank and the bed beckons, but I think I'll give ClayRadio one more go around before kicking the plug out of the wall on the ol' number cruncher here. Classic rock still rules, but I'm still partial to a trip down memory lane.
Thanks for making the memory live again, Mr. Aiken.



my granddaughters keep saying i need a ipod..i said i have an's my oldiest but goodies radio station and on my computer...

Ted Amadeus said...

If you decide to get an mp3 player, get something flash-drive based, NOT with a POS mechanical hard drive, because: If you drop that fucker, it's toast!
I've got one that has a built in digital FM tuner, and that's almost all I use it for. The earbuds function as an antenna, and it sounds awesome.
After Mackinac, I'm thinking of getting an XM.


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