Friday, November 27, 2009

The American Ivory Tower

It started as a safety net, became a hammock, and is now taking on the appearance of a cocoon on its way to becoming a snail or tortoise shell, and soon after that a prison cell.
There's a line from Braveheart that aptly describes the collective state of mind in these United States: "From top to bottom this country has no sense of itself." That's because we've spent the bulk of the last 80 years forgetting who and what we are to be about. Instead, we've occupied ourselves with the business of shirking responsibility onto government, which it has been all-too-willing to accept, because in accepting greater responsibility - or appearing to do so - comes more power over those who goff it.
We live in an ivory tower attitude where the protection "industry" has gone amok, at our bidding. It used to be we relied on government only to protect us from other nations, and from one another. Now, it's called upon to chase phantoms; to protect us from impotent terrorist figureheads on dialysis, runny noses, nasty words and hurt feelings. It's expected to slop not only every bum in our own country, but around the world also. We expect it to transform insurance into welfare, and welfare into medical care (prepare for a hell of a lot of buyers' remorse). We fantasize of endless entitlement.
You might say "MY part of 'we' doesn't demand any of that!" Really? How much of a voice have you raised? Where are your letters to the editor? Did you call or write your senators and congressmen? How about throwing a few bucks at a lobby that was against bigger government and higher taxes? No? Well, methinks she doth protest too little. Perhaps you've been more swayed by the siren-song of something-for-nothing than you let on.
It's understandable: None of U.S. get younger as the days pass. Not all of us have solid families or phat bank or both to rely on, and who wouldn't like to believe in the fairy tale of "free" health insurance for everybody? The problem is, it IS nothing but a fairy tale! Next year, the 20 different new taxes and tax increases will come into effect. The outlays for actual insurance...not so much. There are - at current count - 4,000+ pages of bribes and graft that have to be distributed to the traitors who sold out their oath to the Constitution and the American people before any of the loot trickles down to that drunkard wanting a new liver or the doper or sodomite looking for AIDS treatment on someone else's dime. In light of how the engineers of this kind of legislation regularly claim to be on the side of "the little guy", it's amazing how often he gets reamed by them!
Hope you're not one of those unfortunate suckers making $44 grand a year or more, because over half your income's about to be "redistributed" to the pull-peddlers and looters in Washington for health care reform "and other purposes". Galt-in-Da-Box really hopes you don't work for a small insurance company that provides quality health insurance: You'll be going out of business once the draconian regulations and taxes come into effect.
One might argue it's not logical to double the tax burden on the economy of a country in the middle of a recession, but logic is not an issue in government...That would be more like a miracle! Heaven forbid common sense would get in the way of a bunch of trust-fund-baby-boomers trying to look and feel good while seeking reelection by their pubic screw-ooled sycophants. When this new gimme crushes the productive and drives the few remaining creative from the land, the political class can always follow Michael Moron's lead, blame "the capitalists" (which we really haven't had any of since 1930) and create convenient excuse for more fascist plundering and monopolization.
Along with all this has come anew the malaise of the 1970s: A creeping, quiet acquiescence and desperation whose source is largely ignored and academically undefined. This happens as a people grow weaker and sickly under "treatment" and "therapy" where opportunistic quacks prescribe sedatives and tranquilizers. Where we used to demand our independence, now we whine for someone to rub our national belly. It's like a headline I read one time about a hand creme factory worker who fell into a hundred-gallon vat of warm lanolin and softened to death before he could crawl out.
The American ivory tower has sand altruistic foundations, and is largely composed of a poor quality material - the historically and nationally fatal belief that government is God!

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