Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Don't know nuthin' about it..."

Not trying to beat a dead horse here, but the post title is basically what all bureaucrats say when caught with their hands in the cookie jar, or in this case, on the button putting serious juice to some guy's rocks.
This plausible deniability is a big reason why we shouldn't turn over our health care to them! It also appears to be the official line of the Obama Administration and others who just want to "look forward, not behind"...or to put it another way, would like to maintain things as they are, without uncomfortable questions being raised. After all, it's in the best interests of the Washington Kakostocracy to look off innocently into space while repeating "Der Holy Mother Schtaat categorically denies all knowledge of this incident"; to mutter in a whimpering tone "Don't know nuthin' about it" without looking the investigators in the eye whenever queried on this subject: Since the DHS, authorizations for torture and other anti-Constitution measures have been inherited by the new kids on the Washington block, and their heroes Chairman Mao and Che Guevara were known for doing a hell of a lot worse, it's understandable they might want to hold these measures in reserve to coerce a population unwilling to submit to fascist measures like disarming the citizenry or other property &/ wealth confiscation - like what's about to happen to feed the health insurance fatcats! It's also possible, and highly probable that, since "the Treasonous Acts 1&2", TWOT and DHS were funded by AIPAC faithful in the recently-bailed-out banking industry and demanded by Papists and other Funny-mental-ists under former President Johnny-Reb, a whole strata of political rot that's been covered for more than a decade might not bare scrutiny or survive the light of day without voter-related repercussions.
If we buy the lies of Vaticanism and pseudo-protestant, dispensational perversions of The Way, "all this is inevitable, and there's nothing we can do about it". If we remember our Constitution, our Founding Fathers and how effective we have been in the past at resisting, reversing and rebelling against tyranny, a new and brighter picture emerges:
Instead of aiding and abetting the despoilers of our liberty by demanding more and bigger handouts, bailouts and other welfare while surrendering our rights, we can insist these matters be investigated, by independent commission if need be. We can "bring the noise" until those responsible are exposed and punished, or bare minimum turned out/forced to resign. This is the biggest scandal since Watergate, and the political class and establishment press are by and large sitting on it and pretending it never happened. The consequences of looking the other way you may find out about personally, if you oppose the PTB in the future (waiting til you or yours start to vanish in the middle of the night is a really bad idea)! Our current President promised us transparency, not obfuscation, blame-shifting or back-peddling.
You and I must see to it that promise is kept.

Isn't it even a little alarming to you that violating another human being's right to life, liberty and property isn't illegal as long as government is the criminal!?



if i thought the indians would take it back i'd say give the country back to them.

Ted Amadeus said...

Even the Indians would have a rough road getting it back from all the foreigners and international interests to whom America has been sold out!
It's come to that only through our silent, obedient consent:
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing!