Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ees No Chur Coontry Anymore, Greengo!!!

There was a time when, if you owned a business, you pretty much could set your own rules.
A lustrum ago there was a man right here in Indiana who got thrown in jail for having a neon sign in his used car lot window that said "Jesus is Lord!" and fined $100 a day for every day he refused to remove it. Personally, I believe that, if you own a business, you can do anything you want there as long as you're not ripping people off or in other ways abusing them, including dictating what kind of attire and conduct is acceptable of your employees on the job. Whether it's a crucifix or a rainbow flag, a neon sign out front of the establishment that says "Allah achbar!" or "Religion is bullshit!" that's up to you. Tell ya something else:
If you don't want to listen to freaking illegals manaca-manaca-manacaing away all the time instead of working, you should be well within your rights to do something about it!
If you're paying the bills, taking the risks and feeding the Washington and local government looters and their spiritualistic-altruism-driven debt machine, you should call the shots, but such logic isn't politically correct. Reasoning thus sitteth not well with them that profit from weakening the country financially, ethically and motivationally and wiping their pompous asses on American sovereignty. I've lived in "the land of enchantment", and then as well as now, it was part of the United States. What would happen Galt-in-Da-Box wonders, if a whole bunch of U.S. "gringos" illegally entered "old" Mexico and started demanding everybody there cater to our whims and weaknesses? Exactly what should be happening here: We'd be damned lucky to escape alive!
If I was Larry Whitten, I'd bare minimum shut the doors. Better yet, unload that brown elephant: Let some beaner-hugging, Bush-war-mongering, globalist-fellating, OMFR Papist have the money pit for a song and get bled dry by the LULAC parasites. The only alternative I see is an expensive court battle that is not winnable in the current political climate. When the population of a state is more than half illegal or illegal-sympathetic, the tipping point has been reached.
Sorry about your bum steer Mr. Whitten but cut your losses and bail now, so there's next to nothing left for the looters to steal.


Master Doh-San said...

Some years ago, there were some wannabe Aztecs down at Civic Plaza, burning the American flag. Couldn't help but ask Wolfman "How long do you think we'd last if we went down there and burned the Mexican flag?".

It took him a while to regain his composure.

Ted Amadeus said...

The phrase "grease spot by midnight" leaps irresistibly to mind!
We used to protect our culture with rules and laws. Then we started making exceptions for the government "victim" list. Pretty soon, making exceptions became the rule...
Whenever you compromise on principle, you will be expected to compromise further!